butterfly plant

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orchid having large elliptic to obovate fleshy leaves and fragrant pink-and-white flowers dotted with red

any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowers

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SUCH A BIGHEAD: We planted more sedums in spring - they are such invaluable butterfly plants and are already beginning to flower.
Plant things like: Buddlea (the butterfly plant), Teasel, Coneflowers, Flowering Tobacco, Impatiens, Marigolds, Allysum, Snapdragon, Daisy, Cosmos, Asters, Bee Balm, Butterfly Weed, Chrysanthemum, Rosemary, Nasturtium, Yarrow.
They land on everything else in the garden except for the butterfly plant," Graham said.
You may already have a butterfly plant or two, and you can add more over time.
"It's a good idea to have a diversity of butterfly plants, even if not all are native, because this makes them more resistant to disease," Hutson says.
Soon it will be time to sow and plant annuals and biennials for next year's displays and you can include some more important butterfly plants.
Butterfly plants should be in a sheltered sunny part of the garden.
A nature lover, Leonetti grows a variety of butterfly plants ranging from herbs to flowers and vines to give her students a small window into the wonders of the environment.
BUTTERFLY PLANTS. Sunset climate zones 7-9, 14-17: Some of the best plants for attracting butterflies are those that provide nectar and larval food.