butterfly orchid

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Synonyms for butterfly orchid

any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowers

Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip

orchid of Florida and the Bahamas having showy brightly colored flowers

Mediterranean orchid having usually purple flowers with a fan-shaped spotted or striped rose-red lip

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Taiwanese scientists are improving and adapting 27 hybrids of the butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) at a lab in Capira.
A survey commissioned by the local council and published in 2006, confirmed that the wood is ancient and of very high ecological value and found no less than 46 different plant species specifically associated with ancient woodland, including greater butterfly orchid, wood sorrel and dogs mercury.
On its left is Paul Andreu's $94 million Oriental Arts Centre, a multiple concert hall resembling, to some commentators, a butterfly orchid. It doesn't stop there.
Help rangers clear weeds that are choking the Greater Butterfly Orchid.
Fortunately, mine is just a mild infatuation, easily satisfied by looking at a few green-winged, common, northern marsh and maybe a sexy little early purple or a frivolous butterfly orchid come spring and early summer.
An owl archway with the message "Hope you had a hoot!" welcomes visitors to the play area, while a carving of the Greater Butterfly Orchid celebrates Plean Country Park's status as home to the largest population of these orchids in Scotland, a rare species which requires specific conditions to thrive.
Butterfly Orchid Cultural Creativity, the pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) publisher of the Chinese version of the Ethan Gutmann book "The Slaughter: Mass Killings, Organ Harvesting, and China's Secret Solution to Its Dissident Problem" have taken out a full page ad in newspapers in Taiwan claiming that the organs Ko's team collected from China for patients in Taiwan all came from Falun Gong prisoners.
Richard (Dingy-Flowered Star Orchid), Epidendrum rigidum Jacquin (Rigid Epidendrum), Encyclia tampensis (Lindley) Small (Florida Butterfly Orchid), Prosthechea cochleata (L.) W.
DELICATE BEAUTIES From left, the lesser butterfly orchid at East Chevington, the bee orchid and dark red helleborine at Bishop Middleham.
The secret is a low stocking rate of 0.7 per hectare and the benefits include the arrival last year of a new orchid - the lesser butterfly orchid.
Ffridd is an important home to wildlife like the Welsh clearwing moth, birds such as yellowhammer and chough, rare plants such as the lesser butterfly orchid, and important groups of grassland fungi and lichens.
He also has flocks of seed-eating birds such as linnet and yellowhammer, and rare wild plants such as meadow saffron, greater butterfly orchid and herb paris.
"The reserve is a popular destination for birdwatchers and botanists and has been well studied over the years, but only recently a lesser butterfly orchid was found on the Island for the first time.
One of the few that remains is at Caeau Tan y Bwlch, Clynnogfawr, Gwynedd, which is home to rare plants such as Adder''s tongue Fern and Greater Butterfly Orchid.
Among the grass I noticed a most beautiful wild orchid - a greater butterfly orchid - with a tall spike of green tipped flowers.