butterfly fish

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small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins

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132 sec), whereas the longnose butterfly fish has a tiny increase in volume, but does so very rapidly (0.
Just like butterfly fish, skipper butterflies rely on jumping ballistic movements to evade predators, but they propel themselves through the air, not the water.
Ocean specialists have spotted larvae of butterfly fish, angelfish, and other tropical sea life floating in coastal waters as far north as Woods Hole, Mass.
I got carried away snapping photos of everything that moved, trying in earnest to focus on the yellow butterfly fish waving in the current.
IF ONLY As an example of such a pursuit, Westneat describes the travails of Jennifer Fessler, one of his students, who has just finished revising the taxonomy of the gorgeous but confusing butterfly fish.
Striped butterfly fish zip around deep purple coral.
Novice divers can still be wowed by the reef's four-eyed butterfly fish and brain corals by trying "helmet diving" - a form of undersea exploration where you wade along the ocean floor with the aid of a breathing helmet.
And decide that to get more attention, they'll outfit the teams in uniforms the color of those long-nose butterfly fish.
For example, the 20-inch long Butterfly Fish pictured here will cost you a cool pounds 250.
And all around are the brilliantly-coloured fish of the coral reef - a pair of angel fish with eyes only for each other; pink and turquoise parrot fish; butterfly fish and sea cucumbers who look like giant caterpillars.
Dhows stop off to enable tourists to climb onto the rock and snorkel in the magnificent clear waters that surround it, among parrot and butterfly fish, displaying an array of shimmering colours.
Opera & Ballet International will also present Puccini's Madama Butterfly on November 28 and 29 - featuring four tanks of white and gold butterfly fish, waterfalls, Japanese trees, kimonos, fans and a water garden.
If you think the term "reef fish" applies only to those dainty butterfly fish you see in aquariums, you might be interested to know that surgeonfish, sea chubs, unicornfish, porgy, and other weird, good-eating ocean fish commonly break the 10pound mark.
We looked another way, and there were pairs of butterfly fish swimming together.
Inside the specially converted classroom and laboratory, some are cutting out butterfly fish and sharks from pieces of cardboard, while others slosh brightly coloured paint onto what will become a backdrop for a play they plan to perform.