butterfly fish

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small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins

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The Goliath Grouper has a tremendous increase in volume, but does so relatively slowly (0.132 sec), whereas the longnose butterfly fish has a tiny increase in volume, but does so very rapidly (0.022 sec).
There were fish of every hue gliding past us in groups--green blue parrotfish, yellow Angel fish, Butterfly fish, sea horses and other marine life.
Well, if marine life interests you, rest assured that shipwrecks usually become an artificial reef that provide many kinds of aquatic creatures - including butterfly fish, trevallies and sea anemones - with a habitat.
Global connect Majors and the other eight volunteers, including Omani, German, Japanese, Hungarian and British nationals, each of whom paid to be a part of the expedition, spent the first couple of days being trained as reef checkers, which included learning what "indicator species" to look for, including fish such as Snapper, Butterfly fish, Sweetlips, Grouper, Parrot fish, Moray eels and several others, and invertebrates like urchins, clams and lobsters.
FAMILY OF PERCENT OF SPECIES SPECIES THREATENED Butterfly fish 0 Marine turtle 100 Eagle ray 50 Pelican 13 Damsel fish Hammerhead shark 57 Sea horse 43 Puffer fish 13 Source: McClenachan et al, 2011 1.
We saw turtles, a giant purple jellyfish (which I couldn't swim away fast enough from), butterfly fish, triggerfish, sweetlips and harmless sharks.
"Already in the area, we're seeing hamour and small butterfly fish returning.
That night, under the watchful gaze of a hotel babysitter we left Ted dreaming of angel and butterfly fish, and tiptoed out to the hotel's gourmet restaurant, Le Chique.
Gulf stream ocean currents sometimes carry tropical animals, such as Spotfin butterfly fish. into New York's waters.
Butterfly fish, angelfish, cornet fish, lionfish, porcupine fish, octopus and huge Napoleon rass go drifting past me as I descend to a depth of 10 metres, furiously equalising every inch of the way.
Just outside the capital, Palma Aquarium aims to recreate ocean habitats and ecosystems, with more than 8,000 specimens from over 700 species, including hammerhead sharks, rays, turtles and butterfly fish.
For example, in the African butterfly fish, Pantodon buchholzi Peters, the fastest response time to an acoustic startle stimulus recorded on an electromyogram is 5 ms.
MARINE BIOLOGIST Chris Rader recalls childhood summers when his father, Environmental Defense scientist Doug Rader, would take him diving in the Virgin Islands: "Schools of butterfly fish and Queen angelfish would swim by," remembers Rader.
One butterfly fish has really taken a shine to me and comes and kisses the side of my neck.