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an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and moths

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7) Unlike the endearing romantic whom Marlow introduces in the middle section of Lord Jim, Stein the professional tradesman and butterfly collector is a killer willing to take life if it serves his interests to do so.
CARL reminds me of the film The Collector, where a man secretly stalked the woman he was obsessed with, imprisoned her, shut her off from the world to enjoy her exclusively - the ultimate act being to pin her down the way a butterfly collector pins a butterfly to a board.
Whatever the century in question, Leigh scrutinizes human behavior with the cool expertise of a butterfly collector, pinning his specimens in sparkling dramatic patterns yet somehow always leaving their humanity intact.
Indeed, some brute-strength crime busters are bugged by the thought of a net-wielding butterfly collector prancing through their cordoned-off scene of the crime.
His first published novel, The Collector (1958), about a psychopathic butterfly collector and the girl he kidnaps, is both a brilliant tale of suspense and an allegory of a sick society.
Charles Adamson was an army officer and butterfly collector living in British colonial Burma.
Who played butterfly collector Freddie Clegg in the film The Collector?
Two shakes of a lamb's tail, Incoming fantasists start to flail, Heartless grasping at a winter sale, Butterfly collector with souls to impale.
Adventurer and travel writer Scott-Stokes recounts the life and work of British entomologist Fountaine (1862-1940), who became the most famous butterfly collector of her time.
The band liked to joke around but performed every song, including the classic Butterfly Collector, with plenty of passion.
Apart from Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, they also played That's Entertainment and The Butterfly Collector -pop gems one and all.
The Casbahabout singing are Jam classics such as Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, That's Entertainment, Going Underground, Pretty Green and possibly The Butterfly Collector.
Alan Kirk, MD Spectrum Technologies: Supervisor, Auckland Zoo; butterfly collector, Solomon Islands; underwater salvage diver, South Pacific;
The result, which he named The Butterfly Collector, was sent to the BBC.
The haunting tale of a butterfly collector who kidnaps a woman and imprisons her in his basement has stayed with me ever since.