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an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and moths

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From there she supplied butterfly collectors, museums, jewelry designers and others with butterfly specimens.
He first turned up in the region not knowing a word of Arabic and posing as a butterfly collector, ostensibly hoping his butterfly net would avoid rousing the suspicions of rival oil companies, although no one was really fooled.
He explained: "Vorgenson loves the Doctor rather like a butterfly collector would love a specimen.
Paul Weller strolls on for The Butterfly Collector and Beatles classic All You Need Is Love, and there's a cover of Smiths song There Is A light That Never Goes Out which all but steals the show.
But the crowd-pleasers saw him delve further back to The Style Council with Shout to the Top, an acoustic Butterfly Collector and a rousing Eton Rifles from his days with The Jam.
Beautiful 17-year-old Alicia seems to have been abducted, and there are all too many suspects, from her ex-boyfriend to her stepfather, her biological father, the derelict Driftwood Doug, and an absentminded butterfly collector. Snappy repartee, a jaunty sense of humor, and lots of suspense make this fast-moving tale a winner, and middle school and junior high students as well as reluctant readers should snap it right up.
His first novel "The Collector"--about a butterfly collector who imprisons a woman in his basement--was published in 1963 and became an immediate hit.
(7) Unlike the endearing romantic whom Marlow introduces in the middle section of Lord Jim, Stein the professional tradesman and butterfly collector is a killer willing to take life if it serves his interests to do so.
Eric Djemba-Djemba, on for Keane, volleyed a pass into his path and he sauntered towards Walker, who was later replaced by Danny Coyne, and finished with the precision of a butterfly collector.
Indeed, some brute-strength crime busters are bugged by the thought of a net-wielding butterfly collector prancing through their cordoned-off scene of the crime.
His first published novel, The Collector (1958), about a psychopathic butterfly collector and the girl he kidnaps, is both a brilliant tale of suspense and an allegory of a sick society.
Jam fans will be pleased to know and Foxton's line-up will not only play the entire All Mod Cons album plus a hat full of hits, they'll also showcase rarities like Billy Hunt, Mr Clean and arguably their best ever 'b-side' The Butterfly Collector.
Owners of the Butterfly Collector in Barry say they have received good support from the public since opening the real ale and craft beer bar in a previously empty unit in Holton Road in August.
Who played butterfly collector Freddie Clegg in the film The Collector?