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Synonyms for butterfly

a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down

flutter like a butterfly

cut and spread open, as in preparation for cooking

talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

References in classic literature ?
"But I want to help Ojo, who is my friend, to rescue the uncle whom he loves, and I'd kill a dozen useless butterflies to enable him to do that."
"As I rule the Winkie Country, I can protect my butterflies."
"You can't have one of my dear little butterflies to treat in that way."
I allude only to the butterflies; for the moths, contrary to what might have been expected from the rankness of the vegetation, certainly appeared in much fewer numbers than in our own temperate regions.
For long the Queen resisted her coaxing words, remembering the promise she had given the King, her husband; but at last she thought to herself: After all, what harm would it do if I were to go into the garden for a short time and enjoy myself among the trees and flowers, and the singing birds and fluttering butterflies and humming insects, and look at the dew-drops hiding from the sunbeams in the hearts of the roses and lilies, and wander about in the sunshine, instead of remaining all day in this room?
On they came, like a flock of brilliant butterflies, their shining wings and many-colored garments sparkling in the dim air; and soon the leafless trees were gay with living flowers, and their sweet voices filled the gardens with music.
Their gauzy skirts had brushed up from the grass innumerable flies and butterflies which, unable to escape, remained caged in the transparent tissue as in an aviary.
He came beneath them in the water, which did not rise over his long boots; and stood looking at the entrapped flies and butterflies.
You don't find that foreign birds and butterflies come and perch upon your crockery; you cannot be permitted to paint foreign birds and butterflies upon your crockery.
Milkweed is important to monarch butterflies because the insects will only lay their eggs on milkweed In addition, milkweed is the only food source for monarch caterpillars
Since butterflies make no sound, they cannot reveal your wish to anyone but the Great Spirit, who hears and sees all.
Dr Zoe Randle, Butterfly Conservation's senior surveys officer, said: "People should be able to spot these butterflies in national park areas as their caterpillars mainly feed on the wildflower and common bird's foot trefoil."
Experts have claimed a once-in-a-decade influx of painted lady butterflies could occur in the UK this summer.
Five species of butterflies, some of them from northern areas, are in the house.