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Synonyms for butterfingered

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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TWO butterfingered burglars were jailed yesterday - all because they dropped some of the proceeds from a shop raid.
GREAT BRITAIN'S butterfingered women's 4x100m relay team followed the men's example by catching the 'dropsy' disease.
Setting Year Nine to write about a place they love, I think of your brother's dripping doorstep, which I don't love, him neither, but he sets your Tadcu's telescope in the road despite the ferret, the baby, the eighth smoked already; and it's Venus, specifically, I don't see, which has little to say about meaning while Morrissey busks through the outdoor speakers, the boys roll butterfingered spliffs and hawk love, albeit in not so many words, and I'm all for your white shirt spooking the damn dark road, a vixen's cry (which might yet be the squeak of a back door, somebody calling cat home), the spark of your lighter; the closer constellations.
With the Lakers' season in the midst of slipping away, they were pulled back into their series with the Phoenix Suns by a pair of unlikely hands -- the often butterfingered mitts of Kwame Brown.
As a YOUNG boy growing up in Starkville, I was awful at sports, all butterfingered and knock-kneed.
The captain was dropped by Andrew Strauss off the bowling of Matthew Hoggard when the second new ball was taken at midday when he was 58 and Andrew Flintoff will know his butterfingered slip cordon prevented a four-day victory, the weather notwithstanding.
But his butterfingered bunglers were mercilessly trampled by the hungry herd of Springboks, desperate to atone for their defeats by Ireland and England.
Julie and Alex actually lasted a few rounds, but only because their balloon refused to burst despite being rolled, bounced, and dragged on the blacktop by our butterfingered pair of participants.
ARMY ta1 = summary FORT HOOD ta3 = mothproofed FRIEDBERG ta5 = butterfingered FRANKFURT ta2 = frankfurter [trivial
But it needed four dropped catches to get that high and there can be no assurances that they will be as butterfingered again in Chester-le-Street.
It also makes a great loaner for your butterfingered brother-in-law.
Sent on a blitz, the rookie came up with a strip-sack of butterfingered quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Rangers were closing in on nine in a row but the butterfingered keeper's performance in the build-up was so abysmal his new dressing-room colleagues reckoned they were about to be on the end of a serious hiding.
The story of how these priceless antiques came to meet their maker (or rather their re-maker - a ceramic restorer by the name of Penny Bendall) would strike fear into the already quaking hearts of the butterfingered, clumsy or merely unlucky.