buttercup squash

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plant bearing somewhat drum-shaped fruit having dark green rind with greyish markings

drum-shaped squash with dark green rind marked in silver or grey

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1 cup millet 3 cups water 1 cup buttercup squash, cubed 2 pinches sea salt soy sauce oil
Arrange a scallop, lobster claw, kabocha squash, and buttercup squash around the dish and garnish with chervil and chives.
Although kabocha -- or buttercup squash as it is known back home -- has been imported to the UK for about four years, it must rank as one of New Zealand's best kept secrets.
If you were to see a mooregold squash, open it up, cook and eat it, you would notice several points of similarity to the popular buttercup squash.
Invited guests will savor menu items including Gingered Dragon Carrot Slaw with Poached Long Island Scallops and Kaffir Lime; Smoked Chioggia Beets and Local Goat Cheese Brochettes with Pumpkin Seed Brittle; and Braised Lamb with Buttercup Squash, Brussels Sprout Leaves and Chestnut Honey.