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Judgments of perception, such as "this buttercup is yellow," are in a quite different position from judgments of logic, and their self-evidence must have a different explanation.
Other judgments of perception are derived from recognition, as when we say "this is a buttercup," or even merely "this is yellow.
It is unlikely that our two buttercups have EXACTLY the same colour, and if we judged that they had we should have passed altogether outside the region of self-evidence.
I wish there were any likelihood of my soon seeing Primrose, Periwinkle, Dandelion, Sweet Fern, Clover Plantain, Huckleberry, Milkweed, Cowslip, Buttercup, Blue Eye, and Squash Blossom again.
The wind gossiped with the grasses along our way, and over them the buttercups danced, goldenly-glad.
Here there was a choke that couldn't be controlled, so he decapitated buttercups while he cleared his `confounded throat'.
And when the sunshine grew strong and lasting, so that the buttercups were thick in the meadows, Silas might be seen in the sunny midday, or in the late afternoon when the shadows were lengthening under the hedgerows, strolling out with uncovered head to carry Eppie beyond the Stone-pits to where the flowers grew, till they reached some favourite bank where he could sit down, while Eppie toddled to pluck the flowers, and make remarks to the winged things that murmured happily above the bright petals, calling "Dad-dad's" attention continually by bringing him the flowers.
There's buttercups, and there's daisies, and there's'--the turnkey hesitated, being short of floral nomenclature--'there's dandelions, and all manner of games.
It makes me think of all the yellow things I ever saw--not beautiful ones like buttercups, but old foul, bad yellow things.
Then Thistle hastened to the lily, for her cup was deep, and the white leaves fell like curtains over the fragrant bed; he was a dainty little Elf, and could not sleep among the clovers and bright buttercups.
Now the entrepreneur has taken over the reins of Buttercup nurseries in Seaham and Chester-le-Street.
In the Matter of THE COMPANIES ACT, 2014 and In the Matter of Jes Hospitality Limited Clubhouse Hospitality Limited Kolotun Limited Buttercup Creche Limited (All In Liquidation)
Tenders are invited for Outdoor Lounge Chair, Model: W0310, 25 each Orange 218, 25 each Royal Blue 216, 25 each Buttercup 222, 25 each Red 225; Outdoor Sitting Chairs, Model: W0350, 10 each Orange 218, 10 each Royal Blue 216, 10 each Buttercup 222, 10 each Red 225; Outdoor Low Sitting Chairs, Model: W0340, 50 each Orange 218, 50 each Royal Blue 216, 50 each Buttercup 222, 50 each Red 225.
BUTTERCUP, A 3-YEAR-OLD OBERIAN doe, unexpectedly went into labor before the calendar indicated she should.
The saying goes, if your chin reflects the yellow of the buttercup flower when held it, then you like butter.