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lettuce with delicate and relatively crunchy leaves

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Flash forward three decades, and Goldman's matzo buttercrunch is among the most popular, and most copied, Passover desserts made by home cooks.
Storage: Buttercrunch Toffee can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks in the freezer or at room temperature.
Type Varieties Loose-leaf 'Green Ice' 45 to 55 days 'Oakleaf' 'Lollo Red' 'Red Sails' 'Salad Bowl' Butterhead 'Buttercrunch' 45 to 60 days 'Four Seasons' 'Kwiek' 'Optima' 'Pirat' 'Tom Thumb' Romaine 'Freckles' 50 to 60 days 'Jericho' 'Romulus' 'Rosal ita' 'Rouge d'Hiver' Crisphead 'Minetto' 80 to 90 days 'Nevada' 'Red Iceberg' 'Sierra' 'Summertime'
For dessert we opted for a cappuccino torte ($5.50) and buttercrunch cheesecake ($5.50).
Aqueous extracts were used in bioassays on commercial lettuce (Lactuca sativa buttercrunch), annual rye (Secale cereale), and Quercus alba, Q.
Make sure it contains the excellent crunchy Little Gem, the colourful red Lollo Rosso and a dark green Buttercrunch.
Brown & Haley is extending its Roca brand with the debut of Mocha Roca Coffee Buttercrunch, a new flavor developed in partnership with Starbucks Coffee Co.
Buttercrunch lettuce, cylindra beet, dwarf Siberian kale, Dutch corn salad, French breakfast radish, Hale's best jumbo cantaloupe, purple top turnip and black diamond watermelon are just some of the delicious varieties that gardeners will surely love planting in their gardens.
Over 300 varieties of coffee are offered in single serve packs including single origin coffees like Kenya AA and Costa Rica; blends like House and Signature Blend; and flavored coffees such as Mocha Nut Fudge and Chocolate Buttercrunch.
Available in six best of the best varieties: Cordial Assortment, Buttercrunch Combo, Koppers NY Espresso Mix, Gourmet Nut Mix, Deluxe Berry Mix, and Mint Lentils.
Last year, the first week's food box contained salad mix, buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli, Walla Walla onions, red garlic, Nantes carrots, baby green zucchini, new potatoes and a pint of strawberries.
I grow Red Fire and Lollo Rosso in rows with the greener Buttercrunch, Frisby and Little Gem.
We are currently growing several leaf lettuces, some edible greens in a mesculin mix, spinach, romaine and buttercrunch. To maximize our 30 square feet of lettuce patch which is a 10' x 3' raised bed, we interplant onions and garlic.
Best Sources of Omega-3 Linolenic Acid (Grams * per 100-gram serving or approximately a haft cup.) Sardines 0.5 Trout, lake 0.4 Tuna, albacore 0.2 Egg, regular 0.05 Egg, grass-fed 0.7 Canola oil 11.1 Flaxseed oil 53.5 Soybean oil 6.8 Soybeans, green 3.2 Walnuts, English 6.8 Purslane 0.4 Lettuce, buttercrunch 0.03 Spinach 0.09 * Numbers compiled from various nutrition studies.
Gourmet Berry Mix (Red Cherry Bings, Pastel Blueberries, & Pastel Apricots), Gourmet Original Espresso Mix (six flavors of chocolate-covered espresso beans), Gourmet Buttercrunch, Gourmet Classic Cordial Assortment (flavored nonalcoholic liquid centers enrobed in rich dark chocolate--Rum, Amaretto, Cognac, & Mandarin Orange), Mint Chocolate Lentils, and the Gourmet Nut Mix (assorted nuts in a mix of milk & dark chocolate).