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a rotund individual

small North American diving duck

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Gwyneth writes that these butterballs were a big treat in her house at Christmastime, and they really are simple to make.
FLAT BROKE Butterballs PEAS IN A POD Dressed for my culinary challenge STIR CRAZY Gwyn gets stuck in on US TV last month KEBAB TIME?
Butterballs had definitely made Thanksgiving special.
It probably wasn't more the two minutes before I spied a handsome drake butterball catch the lead bluebill decoy, make a right turn and come boiling into the set.
But in our house, the potato that will be on our holiday table is the German Butterball. I used them according to the recipe in the article and with half as much Unflavored olive oil and very little of the reserved cooking water.
Carbohydrates are not what has made us a nation of butterballs, however.
Within five years, the figures will rise to three-quarters of men and two-thirds of women being butterballs. The future's bright - bright red from the effort of lifting yet another Big Mac.
WALKERS Crisps is showing its dedication t keeping Britain healthy by giving awaypedometers, meaning the nation's butterballs can now count the 100 steps it takes them to waddle to the corner shop for a bag of smoky bacon.
In this country -- where curry is king and our favourite footballer is Rooney -- we love to back the butterballs. If only so we can say ``See, he's fatter than me'' while waddling back to the car after breakfast.