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a rotund individual

small North American diving duck

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"[Consumers] want more transparency and cleaner turkey products, and they don't want to trade taste to get it," says Kyle Lock, senior director of retail marketing for Butterball. The company also offers its Farm to Family by Butterball brand, which includes natural, organic and antibiotic-free turkey products, and has partnered with the American Humane Association to certify that all of its turkeys are humanely raised.
Rodgers describes Butterball as a "fully integrated producer of turkey products." That involves a journey from insemination to the processing and hatching of turkey eggs, to the transport of poults (baby turkeys) to contract farms, raising them to specific sizes, putting the birds in coops, and transporting them to production facilities where they're humanely euthanized, and the meat is packaged and transported to cold-storage warehouses where they're shipped to stores worldwide.
Experts at the charity believe Butterball and his siblings Rosebud and Mudbud are Rottweiler cross Border Collies.
The Southern California skin care company, UltraRadiance[TM], takes you away from the long, confusing list of ingredients in baby lotion and introduces you to ButterBall Baby[TM].
Butterball is improving the deli counter with a new flavor and premium upgrades to its existing turkey and chicken deli products.
Follow it up with madness only Ganesh Chaturthi can bring on in Mumbai and the serenity of a sleeping under the shadow of ' Krishna's butterball' in Mahabalipuram.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Hormel Foods Corporation, JBSS.A., MarcAngelo Foods, Black River Angus Co., Ltd., Sofina Foods Inc., Butterball, LLC, Loblaw Companies Limited, Target Canada Co., Sobeys Inc., Walmart Canada Corp.
People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Butterball that said the way the company raises turkeys falls short of a customer's expectations for humane treatment.
"Hygiene is extremely important to us and that's why we rely on the Interroll drum motor," said Jeff Evers of Butterball LLC.
"Butterball employs a number of tactics in-store to draw consumers' attention to the product," notes Natalie Thompson, brand manager at the Garner, N.C.-based poultry producer.
IT appears that there was a Butterball turkey shortage in the kingdom, leaving Christmas shoppers rallying for big birds.
EMS-USA, whose client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as Tyson Foods, Butterball, Hormel and Sara Lee, has engaged an initial workforce of 30 persons.
NATIONAL FINALISTS: Merial Limited / Sullivan Higdon & Sink Midwest Dairy Association / Integrated Marketing Services South Dakota Corn Growers Association / Paulsen Marketing Butterball, LLC / Howard.
The narrator is a thirteen-year-old boy and his account of the opening exchange between himself and his counsellor, Liz, sets the tone; he insists she calls him Butterball and his acceptance of the cruel nickname signals his self-loathing.