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a rotund individual

small North American diving duck

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ButterBall Baby is hypoallergenic which makes it a great choice for eczema prone skin and for preventing diaper rash.
We originally introduced Butterball turkey burgers to address a consumer need for healthy turkey burgers with a great taste and a quality eating experiences," says Natalie Thompson, brand manager of frozen, fresh and seasonal products.
However, of late, Butterball has been getting a lot of negative publicity as reports have surfaced of animal abuse and that its turkeys are not halal, an issue for many Muslims celebrating the festive season.
Butterball has also earned several environmental recognition awards from the American Meat Institute for 10 of its plants and feed mills nation-wide, including six in Arkansas.
When Butterball beats up Maurice in the playground with a sock full of batteries, the school enrols him on counselling sessions with Liz, a therapist the surly teen is convinced knows nothing about how young people live their lives.
Earlier today Feedinfo News service reported Seaboard Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase a 50% stake in leading US turkey products manufacturer Butterball, LLC, in partnership with the Maxwell Farms group.
The company's brand name products are Buxted, Butterball and Twydale but they also sell a high percentage of their output to major retailers in the UK for private label sales.
a food service referral company, and Romeo's Exotic Juice and Butterball Turkey Co.
So, too, with his subject matter: Clinton, Gingrich, the late, lamented Democratic Party, corporate polluters, and Butterball turkeys.
EPS Corp today announced that Butterball, LLC, the largest producer of turkey products in the United States, has selected EPS' xChange Point([R]) real-time energy management and carbon reduction solution as a technology enabler to achieve its energy efficiency and sustainability goals.
Butterball announced the purchasing of a disused former processing facility of House of Raeford for an undisclosed amount, in efforts to meet the consumer demand for a variety of Butterball turkey products.
BUTTERBALL IS MAKING IT EASIER for consumers to put turkey on the table any night of the week with three new dinner solutions.
net Shop At Home announces its affiliation with the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer, a new and exciting kitchen appliance.
Two of the most popular hot lines are the Foster Farms Turkey Helpline (800-255-7227) and the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (800- BUTTERBALL).
During the past year, we have had to make many difficult decisions regarding the fiscal health of our business," said Keith Shoemaker, CEO of Butterball.