butter knife

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a small knife with a dull blade

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When the kitchen utensil proved unsuccessful Tommy moved to a blunt butter knife, but instead of attacking the ice at its weakest points, the boxer instead tried to SLICE it.
On Wednesday a sandal was pulled from the River Mersey, while the giant butter knife was sticking out of an Arriva bus on Lime Street.
7 When the cupcakes are completely cool, use a butter knife to swirl the icing over the top, and finally sprinkle with the coconut, pressing it gently so it adheres.
So there I was, a 51-year-old man in my favorite restaurant, slipping a butter knife into my pocket with a shaky hand, my best available defense against the real possibility of great bodily harm by a stranger with ill-intent.
Mr Jones added: "He jabbed himself with his insulin then picked up a blunt butter knife and began to stab himself with it.
he order, and are you "Tak"He jabbed himself with his insulin then picked up a blunt butter knife and began to stab himself with it.
Another item I use is a spoon or butter knife kept in ice water (pull it out, use it, put it back in the ice; you need to keep it cold) and a spoon or butter knife kept in hot water.
Even when she prepared toast under the grill it usually ended with her scraping off a layer of charcoal into the sink with a butter knife. Her cooking could even imperil life and limb.
He then picked up a butter knife and began to jab or prod her on the forehead with it causing a small cut which bled.
AN Alzheimer's sufferer had a Taser fired at him by police at his care home - because he pulled out a butter knife.
To operate the heated butter knife the consumer presses the button on the handle.
Prosecutor David Crook told Teesside Crown Court Cotak was armed with a small silver butter knife. He was banging on his employer's door, and when the man answered it he abandoned the onslaught.
AN old flat butter knife is perfect for removing moss from between paving stones and driveways.
6 Using a small offset palette knife or small butter knife, cover the cake with the marshmallow icing left in the bowl.
A TERRIFIED man was stabbed with a butter knife, hit with a coffee table and threatened with a hammer by two latenight callers to his flat.