butter knife

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a small knife with a dull blade

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McAndrew became aggressive when he was told he was going to be arrested and threatened to use the butter knife but calmed down and agreed to walk to the police car if he was left uncuffed.
Eventually he did, produced the butter knife and they fired it at him.
The consumer will be able to detach the EasiSpread butter knife and attach the heated ice cream scoop.
6 Using a small offset palette knife or small butter knife, cover the cake with the marshmallow icing left in the bowl.
A TERRIFIED man was stabbed with a butter knife, hit with a coffee table and threatened with a hammer by two latenight callers to his flat.
With a butter knife / he cuts such slender metaphors from the earth.
But Miss Manners asks you to picture the plight of the diner who has the butter but no butter knife.
Spread the exterior with enough white chocolate buttercream to cover it and gently pull a butter knife or small, offset spatula through the frosting to give the appearance of rough tree bark.
The third also suffered multiple superficial stab wounds after Carter attacked him with a butter knife.
The gory parts of the book were not shown, especially that part where Edward loses an eye after a butter knife attack.
Bread and butter knife should be placed on the B&B plate, facing left.
Ee Use a butter knife to loosen edges and slip the bowl out of the mold.
One of the guides in camp had recently bought one at Cabela's and was using it to sharpen everything in sight He was extremely impressed with its performance, and to illustrate the sharpener's effectiveness, he took a stainless steel butter knife from the camp kitchen and quickly honed it to a razor's edge.
The gadget includes scissors, a corkscrew, a cigar cutter, pens, a mirror, a straight razor, a cheese fork and a butter knife, in addition to a .
The man next to her then helped himself to a dinner roll and began to use the butter knife to slice the bread in half, spread butter, and make it into a sandwich.