butter dish

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a small dish (often with a cover) for holding butter at the table

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A solution is to have a teaspoon for the jam, a small knife in the butter dish and a larger knife for spreading it.
I came up with the idea because it seemed that there should be some way to just grab a butter dish with one hand and quickly squeeze off a slice of butter without needing to get a knife and open up the butter dish," reveals inventor Paul Wilhelm.
Rub inside of a shallow baking dish with garlic, then liberally butter dish.
The league might be the bread and butter dish for Burton Albion this season but the FA Cup will continue to whet the appetite for success, according to striker Christian Moore.
A crude prototype was pieced together in a few days, using a butter dish and a Ban Roll-on ball the designer bought at his local Walgreens.
COUNTRYSIDE: Regarding the "French Butter dish," referred to in the July/ August issue, it's called a "Butter Bell.
The same company has a butter dish created by kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson.
9 MY mum broke her butter dish and she's looking for a new one with a flat rather than a shaped lid.
The Butter Blend Sticks make measuring for cooking and baking easy and are perfectly suited for the butter dish.
If the programme makers had produced a commemorative butter dish it would have been less tacky and served some purpose.
It's called a Butter Wizard and is apparently available from Debenhams and is a temperature-controlled butter dish run by batteries.
The One Click Butter Cutter, from Inventions For Market, replaces the greasy butter dish and allows the user to cut butter with one hand, thereby disposing of the some of the mess of butter application.
The days of butter being too hard or too soft could be numbered, thanks to the first fully portable temperature-controlled butter dish.
Each set includes the delicious apricot Light & Fruity extra fruit conserve, a porcelain Bonne Maman butter dish, a red gingham apron, a tray, cooking glove, dishcloths and tablecloth - the perfect excuse to invite your friends over for tea.