butter dish

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a small dish (often with a cover) for holding butter at the table

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The line includes a 12-inch charger plate, a two-piece vegetable bowl set, sugar/creamer, salt/pepper, gravy boat, 56-ounce coffee pot, 14-inch platter, 85-ounce pitcher and a butter dish.
(John Rocha's Shade range of table ware: dinner plate, EUR8.50, dessert plate, EUR7.25, egg cup, EUR4.50, butter dish, EUR17.75, teapot, EUR18, creamer, EUR9, espresso saucer, EUR3, espresso cup, EUR4.25, all www.debenhams.com
There is a tea pot, biscuit barrel, butter dish, sugar basin, milk jug and cruet set.
Fairies at the bottom of the garden and angels inbottom of the garden and angels in the butter dish, it doesn't matter what they see.
Everyone seems to understand this Proustian concept - even if nobody has read the book - so perhaps it's reading too much into the shell-like form of his butter dish that it resembles a Madeleine cake.
There are seven accessory pieces in the assortment, including a vegetable bowl/server, sugar and creamer set, covered butter dish and round platter.
Glass-ribbed butter dish, pounds 14, www.labourandwait.co.uk; bread bin (set including five canisters), pounds 20, Marmite with ceramic canister and spoon, pounds 10, floral glass chopping board (comes with set of two cake tins), pounds 12, all www.direct.tesco.com; red knife, pounds 14.90, www.tkmaxx.co.uk.
9 MY mum broke her butter dish and she's looking for a new one with a flat rather than a shaped lid.
QMY wife and I have used the same butter dish for more than 50 years.
The line also encompasses a variety of accessory items: a three-piece canister set for $37.99; cookie jar, $17.99; sugar and creamer, $8.99; three-piece tabletop set, $11.99; two-piece stovetop set, $12.99; butter dish with cover, $8.99; and seven-piece tool holder with wooden tools, $10.99.
Stick butter in a butter dish with a lid is common.
She said: "I've always struggled with my weight, ever since I was a little girl and grew tall enough to reach the butter dish.
Surely the interior gods won't mind if we indulge in a a chickenshaped biscuit in September or if there's a carrot-covered butter dish on the dinner table every other day of the year.
The witness further stated she had some money in a butter dish in the front room but when she returned the butter dish had been moved and 11 shillings was missing from it.