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Synonyms for butter

butter someone up


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a fighter who strikes the opponent with his head

spread butter on

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Beat soft butter together with a shot of espresso, a dash of vanilla extract and icing sugar so it suits your taste.
Whether you have your own dairy animal, you purchase milk from a local farmer, or you just want to try making butter from store-bought cream, it's worth the effort.
One pound of butter slightly more than fills one pint jar, so if you melt 11 pounds of butter, heat 12 pint jars.
Lobster butter is made by combining lobster shells and claws with butler Combine butter and lobster shells in food processor and puiverize Place mixture in pot and simmer slowly for 40 minutes Remove from heat, add equal amount of water to butter.
Of the sweet cream butter I'd made earlier in the day, my Italian visitor said, 'It tasted heavenly.
Peanut butter has long held a monopoly on the nut butter market.
Peanut butter has long held monopoly on the nut butter market.
The usual suspects for a knob of butter are corn on the cob or a jacket potato that's crisp on the outside and fluffy in the centre.
Everybody loves the taste of flesh, creamy dairy butter and many more love the convenience of having a butter product they can spread straight from the fridge.
Butter is a culinary treasure as old as King Tut's tomb and is produced today essentially as it was in Egyptian time -- by churning cream until the fats separate from the liquid (buttermilk) and the butter is in a semi-solid state.
You can choose to "blast your taste buds into butter oblivion" as one brand promises, or keep it simple with no salt, light salt or little fat.
The collection includes Brazil Nut Butter, Chamomile Butter, Horsetail Butter, Lavender Butter, Lemon Butter (Ultra Refined), Lemon Grass Butter, Lime Butter (Ultra Refined), Matcha Green Tea Butter, Orange Butter, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Shea Butter HMP (High Melt Point) Ultra Refined, Tangerine Butter (Ultra Refined), Tucuma Butter (Ultra Refined), Brazil Nut Oil and Coffee Oil.
A fun dessert or snack for kids is Peanut Butter Cocoa Crisp Treats, a recipe that combines crunchy chocolate cereal with peanut butter and then a drizzling of melted chocolate.