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Synonyms for butt-welding

creating a butt joint by welding

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The purpose of the article is to study the influence of cracks on the stress concentration in butt-welding and corner-welding joints.
Introducing a butt-welding system with capability for vertical (i.
Contract award notice: Elements and materials made of polyethylene, designed for butt-welding of polyethylene pipes according to specification.
The centre-piece of the investment is a butt-welding machine capable of manufacturing HDPE and HPPE fittings from 355 - 630mm in diameter, complementing Plasflow's existing capabilities.
A fully automatic system for thermally butt-welding all four corners of a PVC window frame simultaneously was shown by Technoplast International, Corrales, N.
Tenders are invited for Reducer steel butt weld concentric 234b standard cement lined 8 x 6, 12 each; tee, steel, seamless, for butt-welding, standard, ansi b16.
Tenders are invited for Elbow, steel, seamless, for butt-welding, 90-degree, long-radius, standard, ansi b16.