butt weld

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a butt joint that is welded


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This behaviour can be attributed mostly to the fact that the weld root in this Y-shaped butt weld is very small, causing a very large geometric discontinuity if indeed the maximum values of ISO 5817 level "B" are considered for the root imperfection, see Figure 2.
In order to investigate the distribution of the residual stress, eight butt welds in the steel truss bridge were chosen for the tests.
The carbon steel welding rods allowed the welders to perform numerous root passes on butt welded joints and avoid weld sugaring or oxidation associated with insufficient argon purging.
Figure 15 shows polarized light micrographs of dissimilar nylon butt welds made at penetrations of 0.75 mm and 1.5 mm at a constant weld pressure of 0.66 MPa.
Available out of inventory in sizes from 1/2" through 4" with clamp, extended butt weld or clamp by extended butt weld end connections.
The valves are available in 1/2-4-inch top entry sizes, with socket weld, butt weld and FNPT ends.
It can be furnished with bolted-on screwed, socket, or butt weld ends.
The self-contained, hydraulically operated machine tool clamps itself onto the ends of the pipes to cut the desired bevel to accept the butt weld.
The standard model covers size ranges from 6- to 24-inch diameters and comes in a variety of styles with butt weld end closures, one piece barrel with integral closures, or skid mounted packages complete with valves and piping.
These systems are offered in butt weld end closure units, barrels with integral closure, or skid-mounted packages complete with valves and piping, tested and ready for use.
Obtained temperature range can be used when hot plastic deformation is studied for bars butt welded. Also if the simulation is made for more diameters, the diagram can be used in order to determine the temperature evolution.
However, the door segments had mitered corners that were ultrasonically butt welded. Though the PVC was stabilized for initial processing and normal weathering, the welding process caused thermal degradation at the butt joints that resulted in severe yellowing and cracking upon outdoor exposure.