butt weld

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a butt joint that is welded


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After a few months of operation, however, several piping circuits with tow pH fluids began leaking at the butt welds.
In X-melt, the speed of the flow front is high in knit weld line area, 880 cm/s, and low in butt weld line area, 40 cm/s.
Interestingly, the TW-weld strength is comparable to that of the butt weld at the lowest pressure, but then drops rapidly as the pressure is increased and eventually becomes weaker than the TF-welds.
Since its acquisition of specialist flanges and fittings distributors, Austin Stroud, BSS has extended its range of products to include flanges, butt weld fittings, forged steel fittings and malleable iron fittings , as well as specialist products made to order.
The ISONIC 2001 system finds use in a number of applications including inspection of circumferential butt weld, composite logs and annular plates, and corrosion mapping on the pipe core and metal glass lining.
Clampseal Cryogenic Valves are available in 1/2-4-inch sizes with socket weld, butt weld or special ends.
A proprietary mold design concentrates heat for butt weld applications and even smaller for tipping applications.
Polished stainless steel connections include sanitary clamp as standard, with butt weld and flange also available.
It can also be furnished with a bolted-on socket or butt weld ends.
Manufactured from 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel, the valve body is available with 1/4 inch VCR(R) and 1/4 inch and 6 mm tube butt weld end connections.