butt joint

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a joint made by fastening ends together without overlapping

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The absorption of structural steels in butt joint laser welding has a significant dependence on the edge surface roughness at laser powers of [greater than or equal to] 10 kW, as shown in Fig.
We used a butt joint to join the three torsion boxes and miter joints on the four corners on both faces and at the four corners on the ends.
At different ratios of laser to arc energy, the selected welding speed used for butt joint has been the highest compatible with a full penetrated weld.
2] samples were welded in a butt joint configuration for this study.
Method for selection of laser radiation, diffusely reflected from the metal surfaces being welded, is proposed, which allows normalizing bar graphs of video images of the butt joint line.
A third joint and special butt joint make up the fourpiece long-reach 17ft.
3 Atkinson attached the trim to each upper shelf with 2-inch finishing nails and wood glue, forming a simple butt joint.
1 M:2002 for the evaluation of stresses due to realignment of welded sheet in butt joint configuration with an initial misalingnment.
Redesign the part with joints that can withstand more heat, such as substituting a lap weld for a butt joint.
Because you have a butt joint without any material buildup, there is no discernable difference between the joint and the parent material.
Joining takes place in the downstream laser welding station where a square butt joint forms the longitudinal weld.
Many small batch fabricators produce parts made of thinner material that distorts during welding and with joint requirements such as corner-to-corner or butt joint welding that are not best served by "through-the-arc" seam tracking systems.
Many researchers have concentrated on the influence of either the geometric parameters, such as the process distance and the laser beam focal position [5-7, 19], or the energy parameters, such as arc voltage, arc current and laser power [8-10], an increase in the penetration depth [11, 12], the accuracy of the weld butt joint surface and improved misalignment tolerance [9], increased welding speed, porosity reduction and weld stability [13, 17].
2 Plane to ensure the front is perfectly square for butt joint.