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Synonyms for butt in

to intervene officiously or indiscreetly in the affairs of others

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Synonyms for butt in

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Ashiq Butt, has left behind a sons, Daniyal Butt in heirs.His funeral will be held on Wednesday (today) shehbaz Town Quetta.
Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Friday, he said that life of Qaiser Amin Butt in NAB custody was at risk as he was carrying multiple diseases.
THE weather''s becoming more changeable, so make the most of the rain by fitting a water butt in your garden.
For the next month, the INS held Butt in the Hudson County, New Jersey, jail pending his deportation, during which time Mirza tried unsuccessfully to locate his uncle.
He then hit Butt in the back before punching Lord and falling to the floor in the resulting scuffle.