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a hinge mortised flush into the edge of the door and jamb

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EuroButt II is very practical to cabinetmakers who don't want to or can't use a butt hinge," he says.
Butt hinges are now available from the FDB online store at www.
has introduced a full line of butt hinges and slip joint hinges.
Currently available with butt hinges or 4-bar hinges, which have been life cycle tested, the window is ideal for commercial building structures such as office buildings, hospitals, schools and condominiums.
Tenders are invited for Steel Butt Hinges Heavy Duty To Size - 175 X 115 X 5 Mm To Is: 1341/1992, Type-I, Table-6
The range includes butt hinges with plain leaves for weld-on fitment, as well as a lift-off style version with brass washer and three countersunk holes in each leaf for screw-on attachment.
Again, everything you need is supplied in the kit, including the four-inch brass butt hinges.
The plywood doors overlay the frame and are mounted to it with galvanized butt hinges.
Built in 1848, the mills once housed the New England Butt Company, a firm that originally manufactured cast-iron butt hinges and later made braided equipment.
5 grab handles and CMM-SST butt hinges for cabinets, enclosures, furniture and lifting applications.
Use 3 inch butt hinges for the door and fix these by taking a check half the depth of the hinges on the left upright.
You'll also need eight 1/2-by 2-inch mending plates (shown below); nine 1 1/2-inch brass butt hinges, available at hardware stores; and a drill, a screwdriver, craft glue or a glue gun, sharp pruning shears, two semitransparent wood stains, acrylic-base satin-finish varnish, and highlight paint (optional).
pressed butt hinges bright finished of required size with necessary screws, excluding panelling which will be paid for separately, all complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.
FDB's Rocfast service covers all products encompassed in their profile - this includes: budget locks, camlocks, compression locks, knob locks, rod locks, spanner locks, waterproof locks, toggle latches, concealed hinges, flush hinges, butt hinges, lift-off hinges, 'piano' hinges, stainless hinges, weld-on hinges, earth bars/busbars, flush handles, grab handles, lever handles, tee handles, paddle handles, padlocks, support stays and seals/gaskets.