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thick end of the handle


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With a butt end glass breaker, the Kotu is also useful in case of emergencies.
Step 2--Leave about a half-inch of the butt end exposed and install the butt cap using epoxy.
OWASSO, Okla., , Dhu-AlHijjah 22, 1436, October 06, 2015, SPA -- An Oklahoma police officer turned himself in Monday for allegedly striking a motorist with the butt end of a shotgun following a high-speed chase in June, authorities said, according to UPI.
Under David Moyes, he ended up being on the butt end of jokes circulating on Twitter that everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon with, making him an unpopular or 'unfashionable' player, despite being an exciting talent when he first burst on to the scene.
Raise the tree a few inches off the ground and drop it on the butt end. Very few green needles should drop off the tree but it is normal for a few inner brown needles to drop off."
When a member of our staff got to be an "old codger" he purchased a recoil pad larger than the butt end of the stock and stuck with Brownells catalog number 64.
A cherry log measuring 40 inches at the butt end, 36 inches at the top (450 square feet).
where x--distance from a cold butt end of a tube (x = 0) to considered section.
Derek Anderton Snr, an author of two paperback novels, (A Prize Everytime' ' and 'The Sands Of Widdlesea'') also writes a weekly magazine called 'The Butt End'' for his team, and has been at the helm at Littlewoods since 1980, his commitment and passion making them the force they are today.
The Echo, recalling the previous year's Tonypandy Riots, warned that "the lesson is not to break heads indiscriminately or use the butt end of a gun or the point of a bayonet or a constable's stave".
If you spot any of that, make sure the butt end of the grip sits lower in your palm (aligned more inside/behind the knuckle line).
After the logs were debarked, measurements were taken of the top-end diameter ([D.sub.t]), butt-end diameter ([D.sub.b]), top-end eccentricity (Et; distance between the geometrical center of the top end and pith), butt-end eccentricity ([E.sub.b]; distance between the geometrical center of the butt end and pith), and the size of the log sweep ([H.sub.1]; [H.sub.2] for a log with double sweep; Fig.
All that was missing was the flat cap and the butt end of a half-smoked roll-up clinging to his bottom lip.
So he figured out a complex revolver system where the cylinder was cammed forward every time it was rotated so its chambers actually fit over the butt end of the barrel.
As the victim attempted to calm the situation, the same man who had punched him took the air rifle and hit him on the back of the head with the butt end of it, leaving him with a bump.