butt against

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Synonyms for butt against

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

collide violently with an obstacle

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Use clamps or extra hands to place a 21/i-foot board against the front of the outer and inner side pieces, aligning the ends of the board with the outermost sides of the side boards (the side board ends should now butt against the front board).
A division bench of the Lahore High Court on Thursday issued notices to Prosecutor General Punjab on an appeal filed by Shahid Aziz alias Gullu Butt against his conviction in Model Town incident which claimed lives of 15 and left 100 others badly injured.
But it was a subsequent counter-allegation from Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt against the England team which raised the genuine possibility of the home team refusing to play.
Following the Court of Arbitration's (CAS) decision to reject appeals of Asif and Salman Butt against their bans, the International Cricket Council (ICC) urged them to take part in a rehabilitation process, and while Butt was quick to give his consent, Asif is yet to inform the board of his intentions, reports The Express Tribune.
United were missing Nicky Butt against Doncaster due to a tight hamstring, but their midfield ranks were boosted by the return of Cameroon international Geremi, who also captained the side.
Barrat's absurdist work mixes surreal nightmarish elements with the everyday, where carnivalesque elements and medieval mythology butt against personal and autobiographical details.
NEWCASTLE boss Kevin Keegan will play Nicky Butt against Chelsea on Monday despite the midfielder being a booking short of a ban.
Instead, you can simply butt against the flooring in the next room or the existing threshold (Photo 11).
But when the cat began to purr, lick her hand and butt against her with his head, she asked the CatCare vets to try to save him.
Brooke was sent off for a head butt against Hillsborough and has this week picked up a three-match ban.
To keep the roof from sliding to the rear, attach three painted 6-inch-long 2-by-4s that butt against the exterior of the front panel.
The outer arm ends must butt against the threaded 1/4-inch-diameter brace supports in the leg, while the aluminum clips provide the other restraint.
In addition, a flat steel bar that fits through a crosscut slot in the mount to butt against the rear of the front sight blade, preventing any forward shift.
Butt against Seba may lack the clout of this morning's Tyson-Lewis fight, but it was an enthralling contest nevertheless.