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Key words: buteo, electrocution, perch deterrent, raptor, rehabilitation, supplemental perch
Development of 19 microsatellite loci for Swainson's hawks (Buteo swainsoni) and other buteos.
I don't often feel envy when watching birds, but these buteos didn't seem to have a care in the world - no need to find roofers or plumbers for them, and I don't think supermarket stress is ever a problem .
At Buffalo Ridge, buteos were commonly [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] (30% of observations) seen flying at heights within the sweep area of wind turbine blades, but [less than]6% of buteos were seen flying within 31 m of turbines.
Craftsmen from villages set up booths and sell their juried crafts: buteos, colcha embroidery, furniture, reredos, straw inlay, and tinware.