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Key words: buteo, electrocution, perch deterrent, raptor, rehabilitation, supplemental perch
From March 2014 to February 2015, we introduced 10 Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis; Fig.
Beautiful Bounty: Buteos. Buteos are broad-winged, short-tailed soaring hawks.
North America's most widely distributed buteo is the red-tailed hawk, a large, stocky, barrel-chested bird with an appetite for almost anything, including rodents, rabbits, skunks, frogs, lizards, toads, turtles, spiders, cats and snakes.
Although these birds have been involved in costly accidents (Cleary and others 2000), kestrels present a much lower hazard than the large, soaring birds of prey such as hawks (buteos) and vultures (Dolbeer 2000).
Craftsmen from villages set up booths and sell their juried crafts: buteos, colcha embroidery, furniture, reredos, straw inlay, and tinware.
And the big buteos stand less chance of colliding with your patio windows ...
While it has proven difficult to link changes in land-use practices to changes in the population densities of Great Plains birds, abundance of ferruginous hawks (Buteo regalis) has declined in areas of the Great Plains where grasslands have been converted to crop production (Schmutz, 1984; Bechard and Schmutz, 1995).
Primarily as a result of hunting behavior, red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) were the most commonly killed species at California windplants (Howell and DiDonato, 1991; Howell and Noone, 1992; Orloff and Flannery, 1992).