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Use and movement patterns of the Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis in occupied Puerto Rican parrot Amazona vittata habitat.
Northern Harfiers perched less than expected, Swainson's Hawks attempted to prey upon prairie-chickens more than expected, and other buteos perched more than expected.
Harriers and buteos were more likely to elicit flushing responses (75 and 73% of all responses, respectively).
We used frequency of occurrence at leks by Swainson's Hawks, Northern Harriers, falcon species, and buteo species (not including Swainson's Hawks) as observed values.
Variances for Red-tailed Hawk nests were smaller than for the other two Buteos and random points because of similar land cover composition around all Red-tailed Hawk nests.
Wooded cover was highest around nests for Red-tailed Hawks because this species nested in relatively continuous riparian forest rather than in isolated trees as did the other two Buteos (Fig.
Swainson's Hawks were less selective in nesting habitat use than the other Buteos.
Some quantitative aspects of growth in three species of Buteo.
Resource partitioning among three Buteo species in the Centennial Valley, Montana.
Hybridization among wild raptors is less common, especially within the genus Buteo (Clark and Witt 2006).
Hybridization between these two species spans several well-supported species clades within the genus Buteo (Riesing et al.
Variable sites on the 599 by MUSK gene sequence for the presumed Buteo hybrid and five other buteos.
Few documented cases of hybridization exist between any 2 of the 27 or so species in the genus Buteo.
The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (2002) has designated several grassland raptors as "Birds of Conservation Concern" in the shortgrass prairie region (ferruginous hawk), as well as nationally (ferruginous hawk; Swainson's hawk, Buteo swainsoni).
2008) quantified land cover around Buteo nests in Cimarron and Texas counties in Oklahoma, but did not include the Rita Blanca National Grassland, an area of high nesting density of ferruginous hawks.