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Synonyms for butch

Synonyms for butch

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

used of men


Related Words

(of male or female homosexuals) characterized by stereotypically male traits or appearance

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"100 Butches" was the best title for what is, in fact, my diary.
As two butches talk about their relationships, one (played by Dee) admits that she laid hands on her girlfriend "because I love her so." When this character later strikes her partner onstage, the femme retorts, "No one hits me and gets away with it--and take these ugly-ass shoes you bought me!" Ripping them off her feet and throwing them on the floor, she exits to the cheers of the fans.
The explanation for this finding, somewhat paradoxically, may be related to the higher visibility of butches compared to femmes.
You've still got your stone butches and ultra or old-school femmes, but then you've a lso got your soft butches, tomboy femmes, stone femmes, butches of center, femmes of center, and many more." (6) Fisher's assessment of the ways that lesbian culture has changed is, for the most part, accurate; one need only attend any Gay Pride Parade or visit any lesbian bar to see the ways that styles have proliferated.
One of the consequences of the leadership role played by butches in this time period is that most of the sources for this study are butches, even though several acknowledge that with the years they have relaxed their standards.
Most women who participated, especially the butches who wore men's clothing, had to sacrifice opportunities for social mobility.
Fellow butches and science were saying lesbians know how to roll with their periods, so what the hell was I doing wrong?
She talks about young butches, older women and queer storytelling.
I'm finding younger women are not interested in butches in general.
London-based Lim began creating an ode to butches while squatting in Berlin.
It is imperative that journalists continue to make room for butches, stone butches, trans men and everyone in between.
I've gotten a number of offers, as it seems that butches are in high demand.
to be untouchable meant to gain pleasure from giving pleasure." So, are stone butches lost in the undertow of cultural change?
These four Latina/o butches are poetic pros making national theatrical waves.