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Synonyms for butch

Synonyms for butch

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

used of men


Related Words

(of male or female homosexuals) characterized by stereotypically male traits or appearance

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Elisha Lim is the author of 100 Butches, to be published by Magnus books in November 2011.
As two butches talk about their relationships, one (played by Dee) admits that she laid hands on her girlfriend "because I love her so.
The explanation for this finding, somewhat paradoxically, may be related to the higher visibility of butches compared to femmes.
One of the consequences of the leadership role played by butches in this time period is that most of the sources for this study are butches, even though several acknowledge that with the years they have relaxed their standards.
As bar culture expanded in the 1940s, butches elaborated on the masculine role, socializing a new generation of even tougher young lesbians.
I'm finding younger women are not interested in butches in general.
London-based Lim began creating an ode to butches while squatting in Berlin.
It is imperative that journalists continue to make room for butches, stone butches, trans men and everyone in between.
I've gotten a number of offers, as it seems that butches are in high demand.
So, are stone butches lost in the undertow of cultural change?
These four Latina/o butches are poetic pros making national theatrical waves.
Most of the girls who go after me are really sweet, but the problem is that I'm all about other butches.
I hear so often that stone butches allow certain things to be done to them sexually, but don't allow others.
Dear Lipstick and Dipstick: I'm bothered by lesbians who need to emulate heterosexuality by assigning quasi-gender roles (femme and butch) when I don't feel I need to be a butch, nor am I attracted to butches.
But when every voice on television is telling butch women to change, even words meant kindly contribute to the pressure to conform, especially in the absence of positive portrayals of butches.