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Synonyms for butchering

the business of a butcher

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Outdoor Edge (www.outdooredge.com; 800-447-3343) makes quality products, and their new Butcher-Lite portable field butchering kit is no exception.
On rare occasion you may experience a situation in which you end up butchering an animal on short notice due to injury or some other circumstance.
In a previous issue of Bowhunter Magazine, Equipment Editor Curt Wells said, "Quartering and butchering is a labor of love." Wells is basically saying that killing an animal and then transforming the carcass from field to table gives hunters a sense of pride that cannot be bought, only earned through hard work and woodsmanship.
Paul Binks, environmental health manager at Bradford Council, said: "We received a complaint from the landlord about the tenant upstairs being disturbed late at night and early in the morning by butchering work.
"Human and animal carcasses were processed and discarded according to the same pattern of selective butchering," write the U.S., French and Italian investigators in the July 25 SCIENCE.