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Synonyms for butchery

Synonyms for butchery

the savage killing of many victims

Synonyms for butchery

a building where animals are butchered

the business of a butcher

the savage and excessive killing of many people

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The ministry of health has equally clarified that Sodium metabisulfite was not permitted for use in meat and meat products, including poultry and meat products.PRESERVE MEAT"Our attention has been drawn to the NTV investigative report on how supermarkets and butcheries use chemicals to preserve meat.
He also said he had directed all the county public health departments to step up surveillance of all supermarkets, butcheries, meat processors and other food business operators to find out whether they are using illegal additives in their products."The ministry of health has collected random samples from various outlets for analysis at the National Public Health laboratories and directed all the county public health departments to step up surveillance in all supermarkets, butcheries, meat processors and other food operators to ascertain any presence of additives not permitted for use in meat and meat products," said Dr Masasabi.
A total of 73 butcheries were visited of which 62 (84.9%) were located along the road with the rest in the market.
Majority 51 (69.9%) of the butcheries were permanent structures, 7 (9.6%) were semi-permanent and 15 (20.5%) temporary.
Majority 43 (58.9%) of the butcheries lacked a standard fly screen and fly infestation was high (more than 5 flies estimated) in 57 (78.1%) of them.
The level of compliance with rules and regulations at butcheries rose to 85 per cent this year thanks to intensified inspections and use of new techniques, Mohammad Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA, said.
PERSONAL BELIEFSFor those who plan small family parties, the best option would be to buy the meat per kilo, for between Sh550 and Sh700 at most butcheries. But if you buy directly from the slaughterhouse, it costs about half that amount.
Since the awards started, the standard of butcheries has significantly improved and feedback from consumers shows that the majority perceive the Cleaver Awards to be a seal of approval.
An initiative of the South African Red Meat Industry Forum , the awards acknowledge those butcheries which meet consumer expectations on in-store hygiene, the supply of quality assured roller marked South African Beef, and the level of competency in offering the best advise on meal preparations and perceived value for money.
"The samples were bought from butcheries in Voi, Sultan Hamud and Emali towns.
"The other bush meat components we found in the butcheries were the Grant's gazelle and buffalo." HARD TO DISTINGUISHMr Muruthi said it was difficult for consumers to distinguish giraffe meat from beef as it is chopped into small chunks that are mixed with beef.
Supt Maniki urged Batswana to desist from the tendency of transporting meat to butcheries and events without legal documentation.
I have had to shift butcheries several times just because the fella wouldnt listen when I told him not to include fat.
class="MsoNormalI have a dream that one day we will stride out of butcheries with meat that is devoid of bones.
Dr Kaniaru said they have closed eight eateries and four butcheries in Rwika, and six eateries and five butcheries in Nganduri, which did not meet sanitation standards.