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Synonyms for butcher

Synonyms for butcher

Synonyms for butcher

a retailer of meat

a brutal indiscriminate murderer

a person who slaughters or dresses meat for market

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

kill (animals) usually for food consumption


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Sent us out here to be trapped and butchered like rats.
Taking into account the number of animals slaughtered yearly within the bills of mortality alone; and forming a low estimate of the quantity of tripe which the carcases of those animals, reasonably well butchered, would yield; I find that the waste on that amount of tripe, if boiled, would victual a garrison of five hundred men for five months of thirty-one days each, and a February over.
Agenor -- according to the same poet -- was butchered by Neoptolemus.
But human life is of small account beyond thirty--a legacy from the bloody days when thousands of men perished in the trenches between the rising and the setting of a sun, when they laid them lengthwise in these same trenches and sprinkled dirt over them, when the Germans corded their corpses like wood and set fire to them, when women and children and old men were butchered, and great passenger ships were torpedoed without warning.
We will all be butchered in this fog,' murmured another.
He might free his hands before they came to lead him out to be butchered, and if he did--Tarzan licked his lips in anticipation, and smiled a cold, grim smile.
I say come, Amelia," the civilian went on; "never mind what she says; why are we to stop here and be butchered by the Frenchmen?
will you suffer us to be butchered like unresisting sheep?