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large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrike-like habit of impaling prey on thorns

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Beginning with A Walk in the Night to Time of the Butcherbird, La Guma's main concern is to portray how blacks try to bring to an end the capitalist motive as well as oppression behind the Great Trek, which was informed by the desire to expand the white man's economic coast through forceful acquisition of the indigenes' land for economic reasons.
From A Walk in the Night to Time of the Butcherbird, La Guma's last novel (which is not part of our textual analysis), his aesthetic response passes through a filter: gradual inflection of revolutionary fervour to transcend apartheid's grisly landscape.
The story of The Butcherbird is partly about the people of Chief Hlangeni being forcibly removed from their land, and the resistance which, led by the valiant Amazon, Mma-Tau, they offer to the perpetrators of this injustice.
A few more examples from In the Fog and The Butcherbird will help affirm this position.
Sydney, Australia, Nov 1, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Montezuma Mining Company Ltd (ASX:MZM) reports outstanding copper results from a recently completed 19-hole drilling programme at the Company's 100% owned Butcherbird Copper Project in Western Australia.
I hope that the shrike will stay for a while and I will have another chance to look this butcherbird.
SHRIKES are special birds, not just because they are rare, but also because these butcherbirds, to give them their country name, are real characters.
And the huwmbuwga black butcherbird (Cracticus quoyi) only sings during ebenjip, it is not heard in the bulhenjip season.
On our return walk from the waterhole, I observed an immature butcherbird on the ground, picking up items from the soil and eating them.
The diet of the Pied Butcherbird, as described in HANZAB (Higgins et al.
Sydney, Australia, Jan 20, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Montezuma Mining Company Limited (ASX:MZM) has received further copper sulphide results from the recent RC drilling programme at the Butcherbird Copper Prospect.
Montezuma Mining Company Limited (ASX:MZM) has received very encouraging beneficiation test results at the Butcherbird manganese project in WA.
Both books come with musical CDs, so you can actually hear the author and others jam with walruses and pied butcherbirds. --J.M