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large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrike-like habit of impaling prey on thorns

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Beginning with La Guma's artistic primer, A Walk in the Night (1962) to his last fictive work, Time of the Butcherbird (1979) to his journalistic writing, essays and interviews, his commitment to change the oppressive apartheid landscape is demonstrated in his anti-apartheid struggle for equitable order in apartheid South Africa that has culminated in the dividends of post-apartheid South Africa.
Male splendid fairy-wrens, a sexually promiscuous small bird native to Australia, are known to sing a special song each time they hear the call of one of their predators, the butcherbirds.
I'd like to know the adaptations of the pied butcherbird .
A further instance of this syntactic foreshadowing is found at the beginning of Time of the Butcherbird.
In Australia, part of the song of the grey butcherbird sounds like the melody portion of Little Green Apples with the lyrics "And if that's not lovin' me .
From this beginning -- in violence which is without political purpose -- the novels move from a plea for solidarity (And a Threefold Cord, 1964), to a delineation of the experience of political imprisonment as a metaphor for apartheid itself (The Stone Country, 1967), to an account of the day-to-day struggle of a revolutionary agent on the run (In the Fog of the Season's End, 1972), and finally to Time of the Butcherbird (1979), in which an African protagonist avenges the murder of his brother by a white racist parliamentary candidate and then embarks on a career as an armed revolutionary.
He's more interested in the likes of the grey butcherbird, all 75 grams of it, which mobs a species called the powerful owl.
Among the most popular are the 'Endangered Species Mating Calls,' licensed from Cornell University's Macauley Labs library and featuring recordings such as the Rwandan Mountain Gorilla, Pied Butcherbird, and Smoky Jungle Frog.
Sydney, Australia, Nov 1, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Montezuma Mining Company Ltd (ASX:MZM) reports outstanding copper results from a recently completed 19-hole drilling programme at the Company's 100% owned Butcherbird Copper Project in Western Australia.
I hope that the shrike will stay for a while and I will have another chance to look this butcherbird.
As we now know, the outcome was nothing like as Nortje's poem had tried to prefigure it or as the South African novel had imagined it in texts like Time of the Butcherbird, July's People and A Sport of Nature.