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a strong wrapping paper that resists penetration by blood or meat fluids

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There's something so nostalgic about eating ice cream wrapped in butcher paper, and it's worth making the trip to Alex just to experience that moment of stillness as you sit staring at the sea and enjoy its taste.
Among the dozens of creative ideas that were scrawled on a big sheet of butcher paper during the Statewide Sustainability Roundtable in November, this one stood out.
Step 10: I put butcher paper on our kitchen table and cut up the pig according to the suggestions on the video.
It's served on a white sub roll, sliced in half and wrapped in butcher paper.
Based on Jean Genet's meditation on love, death, and being an artist, the premiere featured the elfin choreographer reciting the text while swooping about a set strewn with rolls of butcher paper.
Without artistic experience, Greff draws on graph paper and expands onto two-foot squares of butcher paper, a blueprint to make the pieces.
We would set up tables of varying heights, taping sheets of starry wrapping paper to the wall behind and laying yards of brown butcher paper on the tables.
White tablecloths topped with brown butcher paper and white napkins are a nice touch here.
Dick showed me how to use the butcher paper that came wrapped around our sandwiches so I didn't have to touch anything I put in my mouth.
In an authentic presentation, each is wrapped with traditional butcher paper.
Pruitt underscores this process of secretive display with a Conte drawing on butcher paper titled Sandinista (all work 2006), in which a guerilla in makeshift attire looks over his shoulder at us while a discarded gun lies suggestively on the floor.
Their hostess, state public health worker Jenny Johnson, CHES, had stretched a long piece of butcher paper from end to end and scattered brightly colored crayons among the 20 or so place settings.
Students will need: 4 tangrams, timer, butcher paper, markers, "answer sheets" of tangram figures*.
Assemble quilt blocks on a large sheet of colored butcher paper to make a large class quilt.
As an adult with her own family, she oversaw cupboards jammed with canned goods, a large chest freezer packed with parcels of meat wrapped in white butcher paper and plastic boxes of last summer's strawberries and sweet corn, and a basement that held dozens of jars of home-canned pickles, green beans, cherries, beets, and jam.