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a strong wrapping paper that resists penetration by blood or meat fluids

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However, once you're done it can often be frustrating to deal with rolled up butcher paper with sticky notes flying all over the place!
He first sketches the horse on brown butcher paper until the drawing satisfies his client.
Her mom offered pens and rolls of butcher paper. "If things in the world actually looked like they did when I drew them, we would live in a terrifying place," she jokes of her early creations.
Using butcher paper or an individual poster board for each student, transcribe (or have students write themselves) the Pledge of Allegiance.
** HUNTER, Ruby (illus.) Ruby Hunter & Archie Roach (text) Butcher Paper, Texta Black Board and Chalk +CD & DVD One Day Hill, 2012 38+pp $19.99 pbk ISBN 9780980794847 SCIS 1561151
Hugh and Erin Hayes.Wheat--I like to wrap gifts in butcher paper that my son draws on.
Sometimes it's worth schlepping all the way to Alexandria on the train for the day to eat ice cream at Gelati Azza, because having two paper-thin wafer cones topped with gelati wrapped in butcher paper and served to you horizontally is worth the experience of standing there and fumbling with its awkward yet fun "rocket" shape as it's called.
The simplest way is to tape a piece of newspaper or butcher paper firmly over a wooden picture frame.
Since opening its first store in 2003, Dave Ortiz has cornered the New York street-and-skate gear market with DQM and its butcher shop interior, walls lined with sneakers dangling from meat hooks and displays of funky t-shirts wrapped in butcher paper.
Among the dozens of creative ideas that were scrawled on a big sheet of butcher paper during the Statewide Sustainability Roundtable in November, this one stood out.
Step 10: I put butcher paper on our kitchen table and cut up the pig according to the suggestions on the video.
It's served on a white sub roll, sliced in half and wrapped in butcher paper.
Based on Jean Genet's meditation on love, death, and being an artist, the premiere featured the elfin choreographer reciting the text while swooping about a set strewn with rolls of butcher paper. Tossing off a cartwheel one moment, balancing on a lighting grid the next, Preljocaj ended by showering himself with gold glitter, an apt metaphor.
He showed how to wrap butcher paper around cardboard or old election signs; which paint brush to use; how to utilize space and center the words.