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a thick wooden slab formed by bonding together thick laminated strips of unpainted hardwood

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LAHORE -- With Eidul Azha just round the corner, the manufacturing of knives and butcher blocks has gained momentum in the city.
The Lyptus wood butcher block extends as a bar lip for extra seating (in all, the Zerbeys can seat 14).
An antique butcher block counter top adds an old-fashioned touch.
To accommodate different applications, the unit can be customized with butcher block, plastic laminate or static dissipative surface options.
(Legend has it that Tung oil was used to seal the Great Wall.) Tung oil is a penetrating oil that dries quickly and leaves a hard, varnish-like coating, which makes it a great choice for finishing cabinets, furniture, butcher block counters and cutting boards.
The cottage-style kitchen has base units fitted with solid wood butcher block work surfaces and part glazed wall units.
30 -- Air Technical Industries has developed a new series of mechanical scissor lift tables with a wooden butcher block top.
The rocker adapter helps woodworkers produce more butcher block, tabletops, turnings and many other thick stock glue ups, the company says.
It's the voice, the Southern drawl, of Kane Craft, the 30-year-old "butcher block" guy who has, uh, just a tad more enthusiasm for his job than most.
The inner hallway leads to the beautifully appointed kitchen/breakfast room which has a range of units, butcher block work surfaces, an integrated fridge freezer, integrated dishwasher and a range cooker.
The new department includes islands in the center of the room that combine parts storage with butcher block work surfaces.
For instance, the five counter materials include marble for the baking center, butcher block for the island, and custom concrete in the clean-up area.
It comes with all the durability of the world's best cutting surface and combines it with the beauty of end-grain butcher block. Comes in two sizes--18" Diameter x 3 1/2" thick and 15" Diameter x 2".