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colorless soluble flammable liquid ketone used as a solvent for resins and as a paint remover and in lacquers and cements and adhesives and cleaning fluids and celluloid

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The acetone content was comparable to lauan with butanone also isolated in lower quantity.
Peaks at m/z 59 and 73 were observed in Figure 2(b), which were corresponding to the [[MH].sup.+] of acetone and butanone, respectively.
Liquid nitrogen cooling and vacuum were applied to the reactor and the crucible was heated resistively under vacuum in such a manner that there was cocondensation of Au atoms with solvent molecules (butanone) on the walls of the reactor.
Difference in the urinary metabolites of the tobacco-specific lung carcinogen 4-(methylnitosamino-1(3-pyridyl)-1 butanone in Black and White Smokers.
Controls also will be finalized by September 6, 2013, for Michler's ketone, a chemical intermediate used in the synthesis of a variety of dyes and pigments; butanone oxime, an anti-skinning agent used in the formulation of alkyd paints and varnishes; and n-butyl glycidyl ether, which is used as a reactive diluting agent for epoxy resins and a chemical intermediate.
Albizia benth Oil Polyetheramide (ABOPEtA) prepared as described above was mixed with toluene 2-4-diisocyanate in the ratios 9:1; 8:2; and 7:3 wt% in a mixture of xylene and butanone (1:1 v/v) in a four necked flask under [N.sub.2] atmosphere and continuous stirring and at 120[degrees]C.
The grass released (Z)-3-hexenol, (Z)-3-hexenal, hexenyl acetate, formaldehyde, methanol, acetaldehyde, acetone, and butanone. Some of these VOCs react speedily with other chemicals to form ozone gas and other components of smog.
Success, or dominance, in social interactions leads to a decrease in the mean amount of 2-methylthiazolidine and especially 4-ethyl-2-methoxyphenol, while the mean quantity of 3-hydroxy-2 butanone increases.
Surfactants in the polymer, which contained other substances such as butanone, toluene, SDS, MDI, and other substances, could control the rate of solidification of the polymer.
Co-administration of insecticides and butanone acetate for its efficacy against melon fruit flies, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Insects: Diptera: Tephritidae).
Methyl ethyl ketone is also known as butanone and abbreviated as MEK.
M1 M2 M3 Toluene [c.sub.in] (ppm) 32 32 32 K 1.769E+06 2.197E+06 1.727E+06 Butanone [c.sub.in] (ppm) 78 78 78 K 9.108E+05 1.081E+06 8.054E+05 Decane [c.sub.in] (ppm) 34 34 34 K 2.753E+06 3.942E+06 4.513E+06 Hexane [c.sub.in] (ppm) 40 40 40 K 1.819E+06 3.460E+06 2.361E+06 Isobutanol [c.sub.in] (ppm) 58 58 58 K 1.709E+06 2.278E+06 1.270E+06 Limonene [c.sub.in] (ppm) 17 17 17 K 6.441E+06 6.879E+06 6.879E+06 Morpholine [c.sub.in] (ppm) 107 107 107 K 3.126E+06 4.436E+06 6.759E+06 Tetroclorathylene [c.sub.in] (ppm) 43 43 43 K 2.615E+06 3.306E+06 2.372E+06 Toluene [c.sub.in] (ppb) 185 185 6.295E+07 8.606E+07 Formaldehyde * [c.sub.in] (ppb] 150 K 3.888E+06 Acetaldehyde * [c.sub.in] (ppb) 768 K 1.632E+07 * Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are tested with media M6.
(14,15), pyrolysis of milled wood lignin at 450[degrees]C yielded benzaldehyde, and pyrolysis of spruce and pine wood at 450[degrees]C generated formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, 2-propenal, butanal, and butanone (methylethyl ketone MEK), which were attributed to the breakdown of the polysaccharide fraction of the wood.
The dozen substances include methanol, acetaldehyde, acetone and butanone which can cause the summer smog that plagues Britain's cities.