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Synonyms for busywork

active work of little value


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A redesigned user interface leverages artificial intelligence to help employees minimise busywork and focus on actions and decisions that matter most.
Only in the past year did I hire an assistant to help with the busywork, though I still do all the sewing myself, with a strong nautical thread.
I tend to cope through busywork, and this was good busywork, but now it's complete, I'm focusing on the counselling to actually deal with my grief."
As artificial intelligence assumes some of this busywork and takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosis, physicians may find greater job satisfaction as they provide the skills a computer never can: a human touch, a personal and reflective interpretation of a patient's diagnosis, and a true emotional connection.
Like rivals Apple and Samsung, it has built AI features directly into the processor at the heart of its latest phone, allowing the device to help users translate between languages, choose the most appropriate camera settings or take over busywork like organising files and photos.
We need to teach our children that running a household isn't simply "busywork" for women, but instead an essential part of creating a strong, unbiased family.
It has that dynamic, shifting prose, incisive attention to detail and gesture, as if the busywork of our hands says more about us than anything else; gutting portrait-work that latches onto a character's least-attractive qualities before softening them with something warm.
And they don't just get more busywork done in the sense that they sloppily pull things together-high performers complete more activities and report being more excellence-driven than their peers.
As they drew lines and arrows on the easel pads, they realized that some of their steps might be adding busywork, but not really serving the clients' needs.
"It would be easy for a smaller company to follow the letter of the law and be buried in busywork generated to meet compliance standards," she said.
With a scope ranging from daily organization of the household, to the impact of periodicals in formulating time structures, to busywork, to meals, Damkjasr draws together the relationship between the need for mechanistic time structures to create order, and the simultaneous need to have those structures disrupted in order to resist the oppressive banality of repetition.
"MH2GO has reduced the amount of transactional busywork, increasing sales productivity and allowing our sales people to focus more on strategic matters with our customers," explains Fern.
What they're interested in is technology that helps them fulfill the mission of education, explore possibilities and take care of their mundane processes (and busywork) more efficiently.
Otherwise, practice can become busywork that doesn't contribute to chunking.