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Synonyms for busyness

the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity


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Breaking news: Being bad at managing your work is not a sign of success.APPROACHESBut wait, you scream as you take a short break from your busyness to read this column: Am I supposed to respond to every email that assaults my inbox?Certainly not.
Even with the busyness of Edsa just beyond, Verge still lies in a quieter area,' said Jojo Fabricante, Avida Land head for Innovation and Design Group.
Although we had already been in New York City for several days on a family vacation, the activity of Times Square far surpassed any busyness we had yet encountered.
As the summer transitions into fall, you may notice an uptick in the level of your everyday busyness. Whereas summer used to offer a little extra breathing room, such cherished moments are proving increasingly elusive.
The neglected candidates were of the view that when the ruling party was engaged in formulating the government and masses were celebrating eid holidays, the IIUI administration taking advantage of their busyness appointed the blue-eyed candidates neglecting the merit and violating the merit list.
And I mention it also to say that busyness is not just a sickness; it is a thief, intent on stealing grace from the world.
Synopsis: Overbooking and undersleeping have almost become status symbols, and having it all seems to be synonymous with doing it all, yet what do we really accomplish with so much busyness?
Living with joy is a decision we make again and again as we're continually faced with joy stealers such as worry, bitterness, guilt, negativity, and busyness. In "The Joy Stealers: Overcoming Obstacles to Hope and Happiness", Rob Renfroe (Pastor of Discipleship at The Woodlands UMC in Houston, Texas) addresses these common joy stealers and suggests how we can overcome them by making five simple yet transformational decisions that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, will enable us to have overflowing joy and be a continual blessing to others.
The sheer busyness of the scene in our historic picture strikes you straight away.
Grace-note figures and insistent repeated seconds give "Busyness" its true meaning while the steady quarter note chordal structures in "Satisfaction" opposing a gentle, lilting bass line evoke the sense of ease and "satisfaction." The set ends with a "vengeance" in a piece by the same name, off set rhythms provide a great opportunity for some interesting rhythmic work.
Self-care is challenging amid the busyness of modern life.
Find some time for yourself to get away from all of the busyness and people running around.
Brown raises good questions about human happiness, materialism, and the busyness of modern life, but Buddhist Economics relentlessly repeats caricatures of market economies and, in the end, is more indebted to the collectivist and redistributivist policies of the modern political left than to any uniquely Buddhist economic insights.
The time of life after children have grown up and left their childhood home is referred to in Hindu philosophy as the "forest monk" stage -- when contemplation and a potentially more spiritual life can come forth after the busyness of career and child-rearing have calmed.
Animal terms that raised a smile because of their aptness include a shrewdness of apes, an obstinacy of buffalo, a bask of crocodiles, a murder of crows, a busyness of ferrets, a bloat of hippopotami, a cowardice of curs, a smack of jellyfish, a labour of moles, a pandemonium of parrots, an unkindness of ravens, a crash of rhinoceros, a knot of toads, a descent of woodpeckers and a zeal of zebras.