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Synonyms for busybody

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Synonyms for busybody

a person given to intruding in other people's affairs

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Synonyms for busybody

a person who meddles in the affairs of others

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Continue reading "Mordechai: Snoop, Loafer, Busybody, Savior" at...
Former Tory Cabinet minister Lord Patten derides the Government's Brexit policy Welcome to the House of Has-Beens, the world of walking ghosts, busybody ancients who retain an oar in our public affairs Political commentator Quentin Letts on the House of Lords
called Union Bank a busybody for meddling in the ownership of the apartment where the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) found huge sums of local currency stashed away in 'Ghana must go bags' and steel cabinets.
The actor, who plays busybody Norris Cole, required treatment in hospital.
She landed her most famous role, as busybody Mrs Mangel in Neighbours, in 1986.
She landed her most famous role, as busybody Nell Mangel, in 1986.
Her attraction to Ethan - a mortal - is forbidden but Lena cannot resist him, despite dire warnings from Biblebashing busybody Mrs Lincoln (Emma Thompson) and town librarian Amma (Viola Davis).
As an amateur student of human behavior (some would say "busybody"), I've always been fascinated by how new occupations come into being, and how existing jobs change.
A BUSYBODY crime reporter at the police station got a juicy headline for the next day's paper, "Somebody killed Nobody - What Madness".
My future as an interfering busybody is exciting ...
There are far too many busybody organisations putting their noses into other people's business.
MAIN opposition party DISY traded more barbs with the government camp yesterday, suggesting that Demetris Christofias is living in a bubble and calling the government spokesman a "busybody."
FLORAL fascism is alive and thriving in the capital: last week an old friend with whom we were staying was winter pruning her corkscrew hazel when a busybody from down the road appeared and demanded: "Do you have permission to do that?
I was aghast to read of the unpleasantness that she received following the Grand National and can only assure her that for every vicious busybody who wastes good ink and paper in causing hurt, there are scores more like me who enjoy and appreciate her excellent presenting on television and radio and who sincerely wish her all the best.
www.passiveagressivenotes.com is a site dedicated to all those "helpful" notes, busybody emails and stroppy memos sent to "all" in the workplace.