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Synonyms for buster

an informal form of address for a man


Related Words

a person who breaks horses

a person (or thing) that breaks up or overpowers something

a person born in the generation following the baby boom when the birth rate fell dramatically

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By taking steps to improve its Web presence, Mildew Busters is more effectively marketing its services to those local consumers who wouldn't learn about the business through another medium.
And after he became a hit with viewers, Granada commissioned puppet specialists Bluesky to make model nodding Busters - which can now fetch more than pounds 200 on eBay.
Bully Busters project coordinator Kayte Eaton said: "We are hoping for as much support as possible at this fund-raising event.
BUNKER BUSTER THE FRIENDLY NUKE WAS LAUNCHED by the Friends Committee on National Legislation recently.
Bug Busters have all features of the Bug Tamer[TM] except for the inner mesh lining.
However, a new study questions whether these powerful, so-called clot busters are safe for the oldest heart patients.
You don't see nearly as much graffiti covering walls and fences in those communities as you did before the Panorama City Graffiti Busters hit the streets for the first time nearly 14 years ago.
The Busters, whose communication style is direct (That's not my problem"), enraged the Boomers.
Marketers and demographic experts should be advised that the post-boomer generation has arrived--the baby busters.
g, in do-it-yourself raves and 'zines, making literature out of your torpor--ending with a "self-referential tour de force, teaching busters how to get paid for marketing GenX aesthetics back to ourselves" when "inside expert on the slacker phenom" Mondo 2000 columnist Andrew Hultkrans advises all you "alternative" people out there to "face the Muzak.
Now it's time to start taking the new generation of baby busters seriously, William Dunn argues.
In addition, Bon-Ton's After-Thanksgiving door busters and specials will be available online beginning even earlier at 6 a.
At Busters, we also promote pet adoptions, and urge everyone to adopt a pet from their local dog shelter," said Barbara Young, owner of Buster's Canine Supply Outlet.
If the customer's house is not clean most of the time, Kemp tells his customers it doesn't really pay to have the home cleaned by Dust Busters.
It's called Boredom Busters - a new name for an old city-sponsored parks and recreation program that has been revised.