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large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight

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Houbara bustards being captive bred at the Agricultural Research Station in Rawdat Al Faras, Qatar.
The Lahore High Court on Monday remarked that the issue of imposing a ban on the hunting of houbara bustard will be decided on April 6, the next date of hearing, and directed the government to file reply in the case.
The sources said by issuing special permits to Arab hunters, who considered the houbara bustard to be an aphrodisiac, the government had violated various international nature conservation conventions as well as local wildlife protection laws.
At least two provincial governments and for the Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces and have time and again opposed the issuance of any further hunting licenses to the Arab hunters, arguing they not only disturb the local wildlife but also pose further threats to the existence of several migratory birds, especially the already endangered houbara bustard.The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of Prime Minister Imran Khan had been opposed to the "bird diplomacy" when he was in opposition but after coming to power, his government too recently issued a hunting license to Arab royals.
In Punjab, four foreign hunters have submitted the fees of $100,000 each for hunting houbara bustard in Rahim Yar Khan.
Quetta (Balochistan) [Pakistan], Dec 03 ( ANI ): Balochistan authorities have issued a special permit to a Qatari prince allowing him to hunt the internationally-protected houbara bustard in the province.
Rather, they can hunt hourbara Bustard with the help of falcons.
Bhakkar -- Qatari Prince has reached the 'Thal Desert' to hunt internationally protected migratory bird Houbara Bustard.
The Houbara bustards which is also known as Mac Queen's bustard or Asian bustard is commonly known all over the world especially in Pakistan, where it has already been placed in the endangered species list.
ISLAMABAD -- The UAE government has working to save the Houbara bustard from extinction, looking ahead Pakistan is willing to be a responsible partner in this approach to conserve and preserve it's valued 'winter guest' the Houbara for future generations, said Malik Amin Aslam, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Climate Change, while speaking at the summit, 'Conservation Through Government Action' hosted by The International Fund for Houbara Conservation, IFHC in Abu Dhabi.
5 (BNA): Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, has said that the UAE government has worked with the International Fund for Houbara Conservation, IFHC, to save the Houbara bustard from extinction.
The kori bustard (Ardeotis kori) is one of the largest extant flighted birds and is displayed in zoos primarily in North America and Europe.
The sighting took place in a location the birds used to frequent.A great bustard, a large bird, was spotted near Banov village near Nitrianska pahorkatina after 30 years.
Many bird species were taking advantage and looking for easy meals, then we saw the unmistakably large shape of Kori bustard some distance away.