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large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight

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The former CJ initially put ban on hunting of Houbara Bustard but later recalled the order and directed the registrar office to fix the petitions before an appropriate bench afresh.
After a brief stay at the airport; he left for the desert area of Dalbandin allotted to him by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for hunting houbara bustard.
Lahore [Pakistan], Feb 1 ( ANI ): The Lahore High Court has withdrawn the ban on hunting of an endangered migratory bird houbara bustard.
The court observed that during the hearing of Houbara bustard case, it verbally imposed ban on hunting of houbara bustard on basis of report of houbara bustard commission while invoking precautionary principle.
Earlier, according to a local English daily, aspecial permit was issued by the federal government to the Governor of Tabuk, Saudi Arabian Prince Fahd bin Sultan Abdul Aziz Al Saud, to hunt the endangered houbara bustard in 2017-18.
The former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had approved creation of the endowment fund for migratory birds including the McQueen's bustard also known as the Asian houbara in Pakistan in October 2016 with initially allocation of Rs250 million and will be augmented through additional resources in the future.
Since the birds are of the blood-line of Pakistan's resident Houbara population, it is hoped that most of the birds will settle for breeding, to repopulate the Pakistani resident Houbara bustard.
Great bustard, Wintering behavior, Time budget, Behavior rhythm, Yellow River Basin of China.
The population of the Great Bustard in Iran has reached a critical level with fewer than 50 birds remaining across the country.
bustard, director of the physical plant, parkland college, 2400.
A close relationship (100% identity) was observed between the flamingo poxvirus and isolates from great bustard (Hungary 2005), house sparrow (Morocco 2009), MacQueen's bustard (Morocco 2011), and Houbara bustard (Morocco 2010 and 2011), suggesting interspecies transmission as a possible source of infection.
Conserving endangered species like the Houbara Bustard is Pakistan's national responsibility.
The annual growth of Houbara bustard in Pakistan has climbed to 40,000 while the Arab brothers have also shown concerns over the birds protection in the country.
That's why news that a demonstration in Pakistan demanding the end a ban on Hunting the houbara bustard might make you do a double-take.
Earlier last month 42-year old heroin addict Paul Bustard was jailed after admitting a charge of manslaughter.