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a serious quarrel (especially one that ends a friendship)

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Dobson, who starred in EastEnders between 1985 and 1988, was best remembered for her furious bust-ups with on-screen husband Dirty Den, played by Leslie Grantham.
2000 Twelve-game ban and heavy fine after a bust-up with the fourth official at Sunderland.
The BBC presenter has had a couple of on-air bust-ups with Olympic legend Sir Steven Redgrave.
``There has been a bust up in training with the manager and we are hoping that,like a lot of other bust-ups, it can be resolved as quickly as possible.
NEIL LENNON will remember the success he enjoyed at Celtic but he's unlikely to forget the bust-ups. Here are the top five:
He said: "I'm conscious we might get an unfair reputation for causing bust-ups when actually it's the opposite.
And now public bust-ups between major personalities.
Reports have emerged of major bust-ups on set which is in contrast to the actress's happy personal life.
The pal asserted that the couple have had some sensational bust-ups with Flanagan chucking the odd pot in rage and frustration.
Distraught Denise Welch has moved out of the home she shared with fiance Lincoln Townley after a string of bust-ups.
Villa have been on the receiving end of speculation regarding alleged unhappy players and bust-ups.
Viewers will see Stella brought in to help owner Steve McDonald run the pub after a series of bust-ups with his wife leave the business in trouble.
Behind-thescenes bust-ups and fallings-out seem to have held the group back - when they announced they were reforming live on an American radio station, within three minutes Sisqo had walked out and the rest started fighting.