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a serious quarrel (especially one that ends a friendship)

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2000 Twelve-game ban and heavy fine after a bust-up with the fourth official at Sunderland.
Dobson, who starred in EastEnders between 1985 and 1988, was best remembered for her furious bust-ups with on-screen husband Dirty Den, played by Leslie Grantham.
The BBC presenter has had a couple of on-air bust-ups with Olympic legend Sir Steven Redgrave.
Bellamy was allowed to go to his home town club after several training ground bust-ups with Mancini.
NEIL LENNON will remember the success he enjoyed at Celtic but he's unlikely to forget the bust-ups.
He said: "I'm conscious we might get an unfair reputation for causing bust-ups when actually it's the opposite.
The pal asserted that the couple have had some sensational bust-ups with Flanagan chucking the odd pot in rage and frustration.
Distraught Denise Welch has moved out of the home she shared with fiance Lincoln Townley after a string of bust-ups.
Villa have been on the receiving end of speculation regarding alleged unhappy players and bust-ups.
Viewers will see Stella brought in to help owner Steve McDonald run the pub after a series of bust-ups with his wife leave the business in trouble.
Behind-thescenes bust-ups and fallings-out seem to have held the group back - when they announced they were reforming live on an American radio station, within three minutes Sisqo had walked out and the rest started fighting.
And far be it from me to encourage claret and blue bust-ups, but is there any reason O'Neill didn't try and settle his alleged early season disputes with 6ft 4ins powerhouse John Carew in the same way he did with slightly smaller Reo-Coker?
Film director Ken Russell quit the Channel 4 reality show yesterday after bust-ups with Jade Goody and her mother Jackiey.
Even so, new research shows that around a third of holiday road trips still end in tantrums and bust-ups.
Ferguson nurtured Beckham from promising schoolboy to international star at Manchester United but a series of bust-ups at Old Trafford prompted his move to Spain in the summer.