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Synonyms for buss

to touch or caress with the lips, especially as a sign of passion or affection

the act or an instance of kissing

Synonyms for buss

the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)

touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.

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Shortly after Johnson's surprise announcement, Buss huddled with advisers including Pelinka.
Bei der Behandlung der Kuren kommt Buss ([phrase omitted] 1987) auf die Monografie von Valentin Kiparsky "Die Kurenfrage" (1939) zu sprechen.
The ending, however, is deeply moving, and Buss is a marvel at laying bare her emotions.
Buss admits he has a soft spot for American engineering.
As a flag officer, Buss has twice served on the CNO's staff, as well as serving 14 months in Baghdad, Iraq, as director, Strategy/Plans/Assessments (J-5).
I prefer the more streamlined and permanent option of lashing activation cord directly to the downward buss cable, cutting about 1/4 inch beyond your pen mark and melting a small ball in the end to prevent knot slippage.
Le Docteur Buss a donne a la franchise ses lettres de noblesse en presidant a la conquete de dix titres de champion NBA en l'espace de 33 ans.
Buss had been hospitalized much of the past 18 months and had not been to a Lakers game this season.
I like Howard Buss's compositional voice and look forward to more works from Brixton Publications.
Buss AG, Pratteln, Switzerland, recently introduced its four-flight Laboratory Buss Kneader MX 30.
The idea of direct buss lines traveling only between cities and towns with a population of over 30 000 has been abandoned, Bulgarian Transport Minister Alexander Tsvetkov and Parliamentary Transport Commission Head Ivan Valkov, announced.
Switzerland's Buss has delivered the world's largest cable compounding line to Kabelbedrijven Draka Nederland in Emmen.
Canadian magnetic materials maker Neo Material Technologies (TSE:NEM) on Thursday announced it has agreed to purchase a 50% stake in German rare metals recycling company Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle as it aims to boost its rare metals business.
In a letter signed by David Cameron, it states that "we will NOT cut free buss passes for pensioners - Conservatives in the Assembly support this policy".
Mike Buss broke the previous record, set last summer by fellow ex-soldier Lee Chamberlain, in seven days on Friday - his sixth day of running.