busman's holiday

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a holiday where you do the same things you do at work

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Andrew Tinkler will miss the Epsom race because he will be heading to Heathrow for a flight to the US and a busman's holiday at Churchill Downs.
But Agustien made sure he made it a busman's holiday this summer in a bid to show his worth to new boss Michael Laudrup, revealing how he spent all the close season playing 'Street Soccer' in his native Netherlands.
The show is something of a busman's holiday for Mr Wildman, 42, who runs a car stereo business and online shop selling Mini parts.
So the only freeze any of them will experience this year is a touch of Arctic frostbite contracted during Charlie Bird's busman's holiday, courtesy of the licence fee payer.
Scotland Yard Inspector Duncan Kincaid and Metropolitan Police Inspector Gemma James and their respective sons (they're still not married in this long-running series) are on a Christmas holiday at his family's home in Cheshire, but it turns out to be a busman's holiday.
I enjoyed my first Busman's holiday immensely and satisfied myself with a modest glass of Ontario White Wine.
I take a busman's holiday on a day off and go and see a show.
For Scott Kinslow, serving as main chef for the block parties is kind of a busman's holiday.
For a busman's holiday, visit "Dream Anatomy," an exhibit of anatomic art at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Md.
For a busman's holiday visit "Dream Anatomy," an exhibit of anatomic art at the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Md.
This was certainly the case for the busman's holiday that was Monday's inaugural concert from the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, with much freshness in a bright, pacy approach, and plenty of smiles, too.
Typical of most farmers, his visit was something of a busman's holiday.
You might say I'm on a busman's holiday," he smiles.
Jonathan Smart was treated to a busman's holiday for the week as Willett's playing partner in the pro-am event.
This was forged on New Zealand's unforgiving competition circuit, Simon having spent the first half of this year on a busman's holiday of the country's timber sports sector.