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Synonyms for busman

someone who drives a bus


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Busman told Gulf News that the main idea behind the initiative is to make people socially aware and conscious of taking part in community work.
Busman makes her gritty characters' experiences specific yet universal, to expose the difficulties of lower-class women.
More than 64 formulations are being developed by Sudhakar for which Vision Pharma will be seeking abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) and new drug application (NDA) approvals, according to Busman.
JUST THE TICKET Kenny Ipek takes Mike Waldron on a busman's holiday in Turkey
"When we first purchased GibbsCAM, we had only one CNC machine, now we have three," says Busman. "We just moved into a new facility, and GibbsCAM has helped us increase our output of detail machining.
In the fifth of the series of full-length Wimsey mysteries, Sayers introduced the mystery writer Harriet Vane, an accused murderer, as Peter's love interest, finally marrying them off in her 12th, and last completed, full-length mystery, Busman's Honeymoon, subtitled "A Love Story with Detective Interludes." Along with solving the murder mystery, Sayers is equally interested in solving the mystery of how Peter, the idiosyncratic aristocrat, and Harriet, the Oxford bluestocking, blend their lives.
A busman, who is a member of the so-called Drivers For Fair Pay Group, said: ``We believe that if this offer is finally rejected, we could all go back to the table and renegotiate a better deal for all.''
Sander Busman, Vision Pharma's president and chief executive officer, and Thomas DeStefano, executive vice president of sales and marketing, made significant contributions to Eon Labs Inc.
JOHN EGAN was back for the second day of a busman's holiday yesterday as he takes a rest from the exertions of his high-profile lifestyle as a top jockey in Hong Kong.
BUSMAN Neil Defranco amazed stranded late night passengers by returning to give them a lift in his car.
The company is led by Sander Busman, president and chief executive officer; Michael McAloose, chief financial officer and chief operating officer; and Thomas DeStefano, executive vice president of sales and marketing.