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someone who drives a bus


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Busman told Gulf News that the main idea behind the initiative is to make people socially aware and conscious of taking part in community work.
Uniquely blending first-, second-, and third-person narration, Debra Busman jumps around in time and place to tell the gritty, engrossing story of a Caucasian girl named Taylor.
In that piece, Debra Busman asserts a "no apologies" stance-"you gotta be ready to learn at least fifteen times more than what whatever it is you think you have to teach" (6)-that mirrors the spectrum of individual voices and tones in Fire and Ink that come together as a single community to offer an alternative literary history of the twentieth century.
More than 64 formulations are being developed by Sudhakar for which Vision Pharma will be seeking abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) and new drug application (NDA) approvals, according to Busman.
Vision's management team, which also includes president and chief executive officer Sander Busman and chief financial officer and chief operating officer Michael McAloose, have more than 51 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a primary focus in the generics arena.
Meanwhile, following Stagecoach's plan to withdraw their X55 Aberdare to Swansea service from April 22, busman Clayton Jones has applied to registernbsp; services to Swansea from April 24.
during the period, helping to propel that company's sales of generic drugs from about $15 million a year to more than $300 million, according to Busman.
After two officials visited while he was out, the retired busman, of Nelson, Lancs, phoned his town hall.
The company is led by Sander Busman, president and chief executive officer; Michael McAloose, chief financial officer and chief operating officer; and Thomas DeStefano, executive vice president of sales and marketing.
A busman, who is a member of the so-called Drivers For Fair Pay Group, said: ``We believe that if this offer is finally rejected, we could all go back to the table and renegotiate a better deal for all.
As a passenger put out the blaze on the top deck back seats, busman David Heaton kept the doors shut to stop the 15-year-old and his friends escaping.
BUSMAN Neil Defranco amazed stranded late night passengers by returning to give them a lift in his car.