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the quantity of cargo or the number of passengers that a bus can carry

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"I will be there two hours before he reaches; I will pay any parking fee, as long as I am there." In addition to Al Salhi's family members, the families of Al Qasmi, Al Mahyahi, Al Obaidani, and Al Salhi are also expected to arrive in busloads. "We have already planned a big celebration at home, we have sent messages to all our family members and neighbours to meet us.
John Llewelyn Williams became fixated with ceramic, novelty souvenirs and busloads of visitors would marvel at his 1,000-piece collection amassed over a decade of devotion.
There's a superstorm raging in Seattle and the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are in crisis, as busloads of patients come in for treatment, not just to shelter from the rain.
Busloads were heading to the area each week, brought up by housing associations offering accommodation.
Summary: Busloads of tourists come to Souq Al Arsah in Sharjah, one of the oldest souqs in the UAE, everyday.
Patrons include the occasional celebrity as well as busloads of European and Asian tourists.
Imagine lines stretching around the block and busloads of folks coming in from all over Guatemala City.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Three Iranian pilgrims were wounded when assailants attacked busloads of Iranian pilgrims on Basra-Baghdad road with a hand-made bomb, a medical source announced.
Busloads of students from local schools come to visit the seasonal display each year, which is set up in the lawn and garden department during offseasons.
Busloads of students from Washington, D.C., area schools will visit the National Museum of Health and Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on March 17 and 18 for a special experience.
Normoyle was cheered on by two busloads of Coventry fans and he did not disappoint.
Are there really busloads of ghoulish skeletons driving through town?
Yesterday three busloads of pupils went to Old Trafford, they were treated to a tour of the stadium and museum followed by a buffet and a question and answer session.
But many of those attending had no idea what the issue was all about as 25 busloads of Polish students from Poznan were bused to the rally.
On Saturday two busloads of workers from the Treorchy factory, travelled to London to protest outside the company's flagship stores.