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the quantity of cargo or the number of passengers that a bus can carry

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Busloads of tourists are still landing in Moneygall, Co Offaly, the birthplace of Mr Obama's ancestors.
A busload of 62 relatives and friends travelled from the Isle of Arran for the local lad's big day.
A busload of councillors arrived clad in civic red robes as a tribute to Mr Stuart's seven years of serving constituents in the ward.
He told WAFA that the soldiers accompanied a busload of fanatic settlers in a provocative visit to the site and while they were there the soldiers fired teargas and stun grenades at the village causing suffocation cases, especially among elderly people and children.
Wearing a second hat in his party as branch chief, the graphic designer also brought a busload of his branch members who took the LRT from Taman Melati to head to Masjid Jamek in the nation's capital.
Ian had been driving a busload of pupils to Lathallan private school in Johnshaven, south of Stonehaven.
All the buses have the same busload; thus [BL.sup.1] = [BL.sup.2] = ...
He hopes that they'd get to recreate the scene where a teenage Clark Kent saves a busload of kids from drowning.
Born in Cramlington and a player with Dudley Juniors, Pointer was discovered by Charlie Ferguson, Burnley's top area scout before Jack Hixon took over to ship them off to Lancashire by the busload.
The busload of pensioners, described as "walking wounded" by emergency services, were left shaken after their coach - operated by Bridgend-based firm Cresta - was involved in the collision.
if there was a busload of people who could be bothered to vote.
This officer started processing a busload of passengers.
According to FNA dispatches, armed terrorists attacked and kidnapped a busload of Iranian pilgrims in Damascus at 11am local time Saturday morning.
Fluin, who runs the Champagne Club Syndicate which owns Bubbly Phoenix, said yesterday: "We took a busload of owners over to the Dunphys on Monday and returned armed with a vanload of nice dogs!
Vancouver (Canada), June 21 (ANI): The Vancouver Peoples' Summit is sending a busload of protesters to Ontario to take part in G-8 and G-20 demonstrations next week.