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play music in a public place and solicit money for it

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The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree singer is an ambassador for Busk In London, an organisation established to regulate busking in conjunction with councils, police, the Musicians' Union and Equity.
She said: "If you're playing an electric guitar, you can't busk without an amp.
Tom, who plays guitar and harmonica, also busks on King Street near to WHSmith whatever the weather.
CHRIS BARR Chris, 21, busked his way around Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle before adding Huddersfield to his stomping ground a couple of years ago.
Musician Chester Bingley, 45, who has busked across Europe said the postponement was "great news".
The 19-year-old, who usually busked outside Greggs on Saddler Street before winning the support of Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson on the Saturday night programme, said it wasn't fair for a select few to decide who is good enough to busk and who is not.
Musicians and singers, including Eddi Reader, Rachel Sermanni, The View, Kassidy, Michelle McManus and Pat Kane - who all profess to having busked at one time or another - ponder whether anyone with a microphone and an amp is busking in the true sense of the word.
Carl Barat, formerly of the Libertines, often busks in London for charity.
ONGOING: Norman Evans MBE, above, who busks for charity
"I've been coming to Killarney and playing there for almost 40 years and this is the first time I've ever been moved on." Pecker, who busks at all the big GAA matches including the recent Munster Hurling Final, said he was very upset by the incident.
The Sklorenkos huddled with Flexsteel and decided to tap the Indianapolis area, with the blessing of the Busks, who did not operate that far south.
Musician Steve Youth, who busks in Durham, has said it would be a shame if people without a permit were put off from trying busking in the city's streets.
Arcade Fire occasionally play acoustic sets on the streets after shows and Carl Barat, formerly of the Libertines, often busks in London, and often for charity.