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play music in a public place and solicit money for it

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Although Jess has traded street busking for wedding singing, she is still a face many will recognise.
As well as marking the end of the city's first Music Month, it also marks a change in Coventry City Council's policy on busking in Coventry city centre which will make it much more welcoming to live musicians wanting to perform.
"Busking is one of my main sources of income, so it's very useful to have this kind of money to fall back on."
"Today is our 72nd busking session which is quite crazy to think of really, we're in town most Saturdays.
Now in its fourth year, Paisley Busking Day is the chance to prove Buddies are streets ahead when it comes to local performers, artists and musicians.
"I went straight on the dole but started busking, singing songs I'd been writing since I was about 18," he said.
But KT Tunstall reckons the current generation of amplified city buskers singing with hundreds of pounds of kit aren't performing in "the spirit of busking".
"I told them we had instruments at home so when we got back, they were asking if they could go busking. I was hoping they would forget about it because I have four children and I really didn't want to go busking.
"I was in Leeds with my mum one day and we saw an old guy busking.
PLANS for an X Factor-style audition process for busking permits in Durham City have been postponed following a public backlash.
Kirk took on a multitude of jobs, from washing dishes to being a carer, while busking on the side for extra cash.
I Introduction II History of Busking Laws A 19th Century Laws in England B Public Order Laws in New South Wales and Victoria C Local Government Laws D Discretionary Enforcement III Contemporary Busking Laws in Melbourne and Sydney A Power to Enact a Permit System B The Permit Systems C Penalties D The Paradox of Busking Laws IV Busking Laws in Practice A Motivations for Busking B Attitudes towards Busking Laws C The Permit Application Process D Working with the Rules and Conditions E Enforcement Practices V Conclusion I Introduction