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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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It was Nathan Zimmerman who proposed that the Sock and Buskin Club and the Winnipeg Press Club jointly produce an evening of satirical sketches.
Following the example of Byron in his supposed "role d'Othello," Octave too has put on the buskin, and the notice-paper he descries "machinalement," as if guided by an inexorable providence, is a cruel reminder of the part he has been assigned to play.
Despite its folio format, CHT does not necessarily ensure that Shakespeare will live, so Jonson wants this living Shakespeare on the stage, not the page: Jonson wishes "to hear thy buskin tread / and shake a stage," a "triumph" in which "all Scenes of Europe homage owe" (36-37, 41-42).
He caught the acting bug with campus drama club Sock 'n' Buskin, and dropped out to work with Second City Stage Troupe in Toronto.
Buskin SE, Ellis GM, Pepper GG, Frenkel LM, Pergam SA, Gottlieb GS, et al.
45-6) The door, which will never be able to open with your hard buskin, This door opens wide to my blandishments.
Diamond C and Buskin S, Continued risky behavior in HIV-infected youth, American Journal of Public Health, 2000, 90(1):115-118.
See Porcello, 1996; Massey, 2000; Buskin, 1999, for roles in the recording studio.
Brian Buskin, Northern Exposure: As the Arctic Gets Warmer, Oil and Gas Producers See the Chance for a Big Expansion; But Plenty of Technological Hurdles Remain, WALL ST.
Chicago-based biographer Richard Buskin helps him tell his story.
A study reported that HIV cases in Native American people are more likely to be reported from geographic areas with populations under 50,000 than from all HIV cases combined, reflecting the distribution of Native Americans in the United States (Diamond, Davidson, Sorvillo, & Buskin, 2001).
and the Buskin River Inn, a decision to "shed some under-performing investments," Anderson said.
Every single match report of every single match played by the early Toffees in their debut League season has been collated - that's 22 league matches, 45 friendlies, 27 reserve games and three Lancashire Senior Cup ties - and the charity match against Sock and Buskin on February 13,1889 is undoubtedly the most intriguing.
Wedding music was provided by Jeffrey Coulter, pianist; Stephanie Buskin, soloist; and Jared Hester, soloist.
The head dude is my friend Ian Berry Ian, his name in Hot Wax is Bobby Buskin.