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people who transact business (especially business executives)

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And, as with most small businesspeople, they are risk-takers who have built a business from the bottom up.
Many of the people don't speak English well, but they are sharp businesspeople.
A point bearing emphasis here is the prevalence of misconceptions among European businesspeople concerning employee relations in the United States.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Coghead today unveiled a radically new way for tech-savvy businesspeople to create, manage, and deliver their own web-based applications.
There are also great opportunities for South African and Chinese businesspeople to explore cooperation in infrastructure construction projects such as roads, railways, ports, power generation, airports and housing, said Ambassador Jaffer.
Around 250 businesspeople from West Africa representing 100 companies and around 300 businesspeople from Aegean provinces participated at the event.
Ryder met with several businesspeople at the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) this week.
What is most important to businesspeople is predictability.
This was highlighted in a recent survey by one of the world's top economists, which reveals that businesspeople do not take commercial property issues seriously enough.
Seeing people frustrated in trying to find where to go for business permits and others blocked by language barriers, a group of businesspeople decided it was time to put together an Antelope Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
These businesspeople were looking for ways to economically strengthen Richmond's African American communities and improve race relations.
Students are required to find a real-world accounting problem at a local business, create a game plan and present the solution before an audience of CPAs and businesspeople from the community.
All businesspeople have the right to know exactly who is getting paid - and the total amount.
I can safely say to the people of South Africa in general and the businesspeople in particular that Cuba is fast developing and the time to come and invest in this country is now.
Claiming that corruption in the government is widespread in Turkey, Bahceli said: "He [the prime minister] should plan what he will do when the judiciary calls him to account, when pro-government businesspeople [who have obtained public tenders by allegedly offering huge bribes to people close to the prime minister] inform on him.