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the body of individuals who manage businesses

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Dr Al Mulla had earlier lodged a civil lawsuit against the 10 businessmen seeking compensation for the damages he said K.
A A A This fund, that could involve the public and private sectors, will be aimed at shoring up and supporting the various projects and initiatives undertaken by companies and businessmen in the Maghreb to speed the pace of economic integration in this region, meet the expectations of its peoples and be in phase with the current global economy, said Mezouar, who was speaking at the Second Maghreb Businessmen Forum which opened Monday in Tunis.
The council will discuss several proposals relating to strength the cooperation among the Yemeni and Saudi businessmen", Mahfoud added, "The Saudi businessmen will be invited to invest in Yemen".
Oran, 31 August: Argentinean Ambassador to Algeria Bibiana Jones declared to be for "a direct relation between businessmen of the two countries.
All of these factors have made citizens who are concerned with politics believe that the increase in freedom and the widened margin of democracy have benefited businessmen who are close to those in power more than it has members of the opposition.
regulatory costs exceeding the GDP of our "NAFTA partners" and dwarfing total corporate profits, it stands to reason that overburdened American businessmen would be driven abroad in search of more business-friendly environments.
Neo-liberalism allowed several savvy businessmen to make a quick buck through the acquisition of cheap state-owned assets, which generated great returns for them but did nothing to solve the eternal Mexican dilemma of highy concentrated capital and the sharp social inequalities that engenders.
The West is hardly blameless and too many Western businessmen are prepared to grease palms to get things done.
A'idi and Nahhas, along with hotel owner Abd al-Rahman al-Attar and a handful of wealthy businessmen in other sectors of the economy, have become known as the "new rich"(9) business elites of Syria, as a result of the favorable treatment received under the laws of the first infitah.
For every large corporation that receives "welfare," there are hundreds of small businessmen and owners who foot the bill.
More and more fund-raisers like Latham are convincing other black businessmen that there are great benefits to donating money to the political system.
In March 1992, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce asked The Heritage Foundation if it would host a luncheon in Washington so prominent Hong Kong businessmen could discuss Sino-American trade ties with U.
Once the businessmen realize that, she believes the BIA will be accepted.
His hotel attracted not only tourists and traveling businessmen but local customers, black and white.
It is the company's fourth Club Oynx, upscale nightclubs featuring topless entertainers and catering to African-American businessmen and professionals.
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