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a suit of clothes traditionally worn by businessmen

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His business suits and ties are rarely ill-fitting and are expensive-looking.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., December 17, 2014 --( Senszio, an international traveling bespoke tailoring company, has released a list of the top 10 men's business suits for 2015.
A young woman, dressed in a business suit, spat as she walked along the pavement.
"I saw somebody coming toward me in a business suit with this jewelry."
Besides, the Ecomatic isn't just a gimmick, as its functionality hides behind a classic, European railroad-style face that goes as well with a t-shirt and jeans as a business suit.
Omar Suleiman in a dark business suit and sunglasses and waving his right hand.
for a sober grey business suit in this financial drama.
In certain hot countries, some easing up on the dark business suit is permitted.
Beckenbauer was, and remains, a commanding figure who looks as good in a dark grey business suit as he did when wearing the white West Germany football shirt.
The cover showing a chimp in a business suit is cute but is problematic from an evolutionary point of view.
Was, for example, Epic, with Paul Taylor standing stock-still in a business suit at that now notorious 1957 concert, dance without dancing?
When you wear a business suit, there's more of a power struggle.
A related video, Terms and Conditions, 2004, shows a young woman in a business suit standing amid a green and pleasant landscape talking about the "site" in phrases evidently lifted from disclaimers for websites.
Dressed in a furtrimmed outfit of burnt orange, the colour of Saskatchewan's floweremblem the tiger lily, the Queen entered the hall at the First Nations university alongside Chief Alphonse Bird, who was regaled in an Indian headdress of eagle feathers and western business suit.
"I was wearing an old business suit of my father's and I sat in the back row.
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