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people who transact business (especially business executives)

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SCCI President Khawaja Masood Akhtar, local business people and others were also present.
Many of these business people are said to have allegedly been denied loans by banking institutions and credit unions.
But it is already business people at national level who own and manage the town's major retail sites and set the retailers' rents.
Expo Organizer Kamran Abbasi told that over 18,000 business people developed extra ordinary interest in local and foreign technology-led products displayed at 200 stalls.
Expo Organizer Kamran Abbasi told that over 18, 000 business people developed extra ordinary interest in local and foreign technology-led products displayed at 200 stalls.
Lately, there have been calls to cancel visa regime between the two countries at least for business people, Zarif said.
He made the announcement at a meeting of Iranian business people with the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer al-Khalil held at Iran's Chamber of Commerce.
'We are preparing a synergy with the tourism business people and the government to realize the expectation,' he added.
The office had been maintaining close contacts both with the Vietnamese authorities and with Taiwanese business people amid repeated protests directed against China, Shih said.
While acknowledging the concerns by the business people, Gathu noted that the current visa application process was easy and efficient but that support towards longer-term visas would go a long way to ease logistics for business people frequently flying between the two countries.
Bhuiyan said the next budged will be balanced one and the NBR will remain conscious so that the business people should not bear extra burden of tax even after a rise in the collection target of revenue in the next budget.
Contemporary horror cinema supports the spread of anti-intellectualism and persecution of business people.
Majed bin Abdullah Al Qassabi, Minister of Trade and Investment and Chairman of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, stressed that the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 aims at empowering young business people, noting that youths are the fuel of development and hope for the future.
OVER 100 clients have been helped or supported in the Severn Valley in north Powys to date by an initiative using the voluntary expertise of local business people and specialists.
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