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The National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) has denied the appeal of business organizations in Western Visayas to lower the increase in the daily minimum wage in the region.
The delegation of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) will also hold talks with Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey (TUSKON), the business organization said.
b) For purposes of this section, an individual or business organization may shall not be considered unlicensed for failing to have a business tax receipt issued under the authority of chapter 205.
Technopolis said that it would be divided into three units in its new business organization, the Oulu Region Unit, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Unit, and the Technology Center Consulting Unit.
Martin also provides insight as to which business organizations and which Subchapters of the Internal Revenue Code are the optimal choice for various applications.
Inaba dismissed suggestions that business organizations are becoming unnecessary.
Universally, management gurus are trumpeting the importance of communication, not as the province of a department on the periphery, but as a core competency of today's agile business organizations.
Use of terms such as pure trust, constitutional trust, sovereign trust or unincorporated business organization.
Chief executives and business organizations, look afar to see what the kiwis have wrought
It is likely that the attractiveness, flexibility and benefits of the LLC form of business organization may result in a decreasing use of limited partnerships and S or C corporations.
Using cases and commentaries, this text helps students and non-specialist lawyers understand the basic principles of the law of business organization in the US, focusing on how these legal structures function to produce benefits to parties who enter into agreements and relationships, or how they add costs and impede business organization, based on the basic principles of economics.
A day after the school board gave Superintendent David Brewer III 90 days to analyze the effectiveness of school cafeterias, the Valley's largest business organization urged him Wednesday to consider competitive contracting for Los Angeles Unified's food services.
Pryor, a Lower Manhattan resident, previously served as a vice president at the Partnership for New York City, the citywide business organization.
Leading C-Level Business Organization Evolves Under Strategic Appointment of Seasoned Executive
presents basic information on every form of business organization in the US, covering their nature, advantages and disadvantages, operation and management, transferability of ownership, formation and dissolution, and tax implications, and the role of the paralegal.
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