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a letter dealing with business

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An e-mail letter formatted with the writer's address at the top like a business letter.
If you are unsure as to how a business letter looks, try to find sample business letters and follow the format.
Some time back, we did set out to conquer the world by launching the Brown World Business Letter but it was a disaster.
JOEL MAKOWER is editor of The Green Business Letter.
Letitia Baldrige was Chief of Staff to Jacqueline Kennedy during her years in the White House and has written this bestseller on everything from writing the perfect business letter to getting the most out of meetings.
You must write Sal a business letter accepting the job and explaining which form of payment you have chosen.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The Contractor as performance guarantee deposit in Business Letter of Guarantee for a sum equivalent to 10% of the contract price.
To help her decide, she writes her very first business letter to Ricky Gervais asking him for advice.
Tired of developing perfect business letter and email models, only to lose them in the morass of inbox materials?
Researchers studied 33 undergraduates, nearly half of whom used Microsoft Word to correct a business letter containing three categories of problems: actual spelling and grammar mistakes; mistakes that the software missed; and perfectly good sentences that were identified as having mistakes.
Some sites will construct an appropriate business letter for you to edit to your liking.
Hazan said when they first arrive, some of the professionals are put off by the remedial lessons taught - enduring drills on writing a business letter, creating a resume and being told to ask questions during a job interview.
To enhance its usefulness as a bilingual application, it also supports English-to-Chinese translation and offers business letter writing assistance in both languages.
If you've ever included phrases like "enclosed please find," "under separate cover," "please do not hesitate O" or "pursuant to your request" in a business letter or e-mail, you may be turning off your readers for good.
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